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What is a National Honor Society Essay?


If you want to become a member of the National Honor Society (NHS), you need to prepare your application carefully. Among others, it includes an essay that describes your personality and experience. To increase your chances of success, you should approach this writing carefully. And we have some relevant tips for you in this case.

This essay you prepare as a part of an application to the NHS. This is an organization of high school students that was found in 1921. It is very prestigious and engaged in various activities that benefit US society. Apart from getting an interesting experience, being a part of this organization can also help you to enter your dream college.

So, your essay should describe your motivation for applying this federation, your main achievements, leadership skills, and potential.

How to Write It?

Requirements You Should Follow

Your main writing goal is to show the best side of your biography and reaffirm that you are eligible to become the NHS member. So, it is very important to meet all requirements applicable to the NHS essay, namely:

  • formatting, structuring, and composition;
  • the clear and correct style of writing;
  • describing your personal story and leadership potential smoothly;
  • emphasizing your morals and high ethical standards;
  • describing volunteering experiences and similar non-profit activities.

Main Writing Tips

To make your writing effective, and reach the goal of being admitted to the NHS, look through these recommendations:

  • Think very carefully about your possible contribution to the NHS.
  • Write in a concise manner. Your future reviewers receive hundreds of applications. So, you should convince them that you are the right candidate.
  • Choose a strict style for your writing. Omit any kind of creativity in this essay.
  • Be positive and optimistic.
  • Tell me about the impact you can make. You should illustrate your leadership potential by providing concrete examples.
  • Make sure your essay is clear to the maximum extent possible.
  • Include any special story(-ies) that make(-s) you unique.
  • Don’t ask questions or place any controversial statements.
  • Double-check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Avoid any plagiarism.

The Structure of Your National Honor Society Essay

Like any kind of writing assignment, your national honor essay should have its introduction, the main body, and its conclusion. But, this writing has certain peculiarities.

Open your essay with an official greeting. You should express your respect for future readers. Look at your introduction from the perspective of the responsible NHS officer. Make sure you sound polite. Poor from the first line applications can be rejected at the begging of review. You should prevent this.

In your introduction, briefly describe your motivation for joining the NHS. Also, describe your achievements, potential, and your plan for becoming successful in your field briefly.

In the main part of your essay, make logical connections between your goals, experience, and potential. Think about your goals precisely. Be faith at this point and avoid copying any general goals. The members of the selection committee will definitely feel if something is wrong.

Describe the experience relevant to your goals. Inform about the lessons you have learned, the skills you have gained, and about your accomplishments. Write the main part of your essay soundly with the goal of being admitted to your mind.

In the conclusion of your honor society essay, summarize briefly all previously stated information in a positive for your candidacy manner. You may decide on your own what distinctive features or accomplishments you would like to include here to persuade the selection committee.

Stages of Your Writing

To make a well-rounded essay, you should pass all the writing stages:

Research. Review all requirements carefully and shortlist them. Look for various academic resources and samples of the previous successful applicants. This information can facilitate your writing immensely, as you may develop your own vision faster.

Analyzing. Think about the main subject of your future essay. You should create your clear understanding of what it should include in the final of your writing. Think about the connections between your achievements, skills, and aspirations.

Creating ideas. When you have your clear vision, you may start to elaborate on your ideas. Simply take a separate paper and write down all ideas that come to your mind. Think about the main idea that your future readers from the selection committee should feel all the time. When you have all ideas, highlight the most important and range all other ideas for your convenience.

Making your outline. When you have your list of ideas, create your outline. You should preliminary form the introduction of your essay, its main body, and conclusion. Decide what kind of information you want to include in each part of your essay and choose the best places for each type. In any case, you should have blocks with your:

  • goals;
  • achievements;
  • leadership background;

In any case, it is advisable to put the strongest statements closer to the beginning of your essay and restate such in your conclusion.


Write your paper broadly for your first attempt. Try to express all your feelings and motivation in this first draft. Don’t worry, and you will be able to correct it afterward. But your sincerity will remain.

Keep your outline in focus and follow it. When you have the first draft, set it aside, and take time to think about some new ideas. If you have such, think about the best places to include them. Join some similar phrases and sentences. Also, think about any statements you can remove without any harm to your writing.


When your essay is ready, set it aside again and read after some time from the third-person perspective. Think about any problematic matters, and ambiguities your essay may have. Take time to correct such.

To increase your chances, look for somebody who has been successfully admitted and ask them to review your draft. They can share with you different valuable consideration about this writing.

Faqs And Quick Answers

What Is the Main Goal of the NHS?

The primary goal of this organization is to show that its members have excellent personal traits; they are purposeful and can achieve good or even great results. This society participates in various social service activities.

What Benefits Can I Get There?

You may get here your positive experience of community service and leadership work. It can make you distinct among the other candidates during the selection process to your target college. Also, you can meet here many motivated peers who also strive for their personal growth and success.

What if I Am not Sure About My Chances?

We still encourage you to apply. If you lack any skills and experience, you may present your clear plan instead. Describe what goals you want to reach and how this membership can help you.

Final Words

The national honor society essay matters a lot when you are applying for the National Honor Society. You should write clearly and positively. Describe your previous experience, achievements, goals, skills, and leadership potential. Your main purpose is to convince the members of the selection committee that you are the right candidate.

Good luck!

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