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Narrative Essay Topics and a Bunch of other Tips


For some people, it is such a delight to retell something from their own experience with vivid colors and lots of details. For others, it becomes a real nightmare to reflect some life events on paper, as writing is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Nevertheless, after reading our guide about narrative essays and discovering exciting and unique topic ideas, even most desperate of you will be tempted to unlock their talent for writing. Otherwise, we will suggest another solution on how to deliver a top-quality essay.

Good news for you – narrative essays are not very demanding in terms of structure. The only condition is, you have to write about your life experience. And that is why a good topic is so important to succeed and get a good mark.

Unless the topic you have chosen or been given is close to you, you may face difficulties in following it. To write a good story, you must be inspired by the theme. So here we are with the best topic ideas of all time.

60 Eye-Catching Topics to Suit any Taste

It doesn’t matter if you chose the exact topic you find here, or modify one as you see it, our main goal is to inspire you with the topics below and initiate your thinking process.

Sometimes a person just needs a push or an idea to create a masterpiece. So, we’ve collected the most interesting topics for narrative essays to relieve your memories about childhood or some life experience during traveling, to study, meeting with other people, etc.

Narrative Essay Topics about People

  • People who determined my mindset and attitude to life;
  • Write about any person you would like to be friends with;
  • People I miss so much in my life;
  • How do other people perceive me?
  • People who inspire me;
  • How did my parents influence my life?
  • The person I will always remember;
  • The teacher I still keep in touch with.

Topics about Childhood

  • Most memorable moments from my childhood;
  • Stories that grandma told me;
  • What profession did I like to obtain when I was a child?
  • My favorite dish in childhood;
  • What would I tell to myself in early ages?
  • Games I played in my childhood;
  • My fears from childhood;
  • My favorite toy when I was a child, and who gave it to me;
  • Favorite fairytales and characters from childhood;
  • My first love since I remember myself;
  • Rebellious actions from my younger ages;
  • What I miss most about my childhood?

Narrative Essay Topics about Difficulties

  • One of the most difficult decisions I had to make;
  • The worst argument in my life;
  • How do I overcome fears?
  • The most embarrassing situation in my life;
  • How do I get through difficult times?
  • The worst experience of my life;
  • Things I do to prepare myself for serious and difficult tasks;
  • Best ways to peace up a quarrel with relatives or friends;

Topics about Happy Moments

  • The best day of my life;
  • Things I want to remember forever;
  • The day of my life I would like to run through again and again;
  • The best birthday party I had;
  • Best time spent together with my family;
  • What was exciting about going to school?
  • Happiest dreams I had in my life;
  • A moment in my life when I felt on the top of the world;

General Narrative Essay Topics

  • My experience of spending summer in a camp;
  • Our adventures during traveling;
  • My first acquaintance with the computer;
  • The role of books in my life;
  • Countries I wish to visit one day;
  • How do I change the world every day of my life?
  • What is my life credo?
  • Things I wish I have done;
  • How do I spend time when I am alone?
  • Experience, which made me look differently at my life;
  • My successful day: What does it look like?
  • What ability I’ve always dreamt about?
  • Write about your first traveling experience;
  • How do I differ from my mom or dad in my age?

Imaginative Narrative Essay Topics

We’ve also prepared the topics about an alternative universe, where you could do something, which is impossible in the real world. These are very popular topics for students, as they give you the chance to dream and indulge in fantasies.

  • Would I make friends with myself if I were someone else?
  • What would I change in the past if I had a time machine?
  • 3 things I would take to a remote island;
  • What would I do if I appeared to be the last person on the planet?
  • What planet would I choose if I had the opportunity to travel in space;
  • If I could do just one thing to make life on Earth better, what would I do?
  • Freaky Friday motives: If I could switch places with someone for just a day, who would I select?
  • If I could bring back to life just a single person, who would it be?
  • What would I do with an unlimited source of money?
  • The place on Earth I’d like to live in if I had an opportunity;
  • The person from the past or present, fictional or alive, I would like to spend an evening with.

FAQs about Narrative Essay Topics

  1. If I am not well aware of the topic, I’ve been given?

First of all, don’t worry. You can always find some good examples of stories, which cover the topic assigned to you. It doesn’t mean that you have to copy such stories, as the main requirement for narrative essays is to write about yourself.

However, you are not forbidden to read and analyze, as this information may serve you as a reference or a push to write about your own attitude to the matter or even to recall some events from the past.

  1. How to choose a good narrative essay topic?

Sometimes students, who have the freedom of choosing the topic for a narrative essay on their own, got stuck with the range of variants available and have no idea how to make the right choice.

Our advice is to look through our examples of topics above and select the one which resonates with you. If, after reading a topic, you feel like it rings the bell, and lots of memories come out, that is your choice.

  1. How to get started with the narrative essay?

If the topic for your story is already defined, try to interrogate your memory and find some related events or situations which can be interesting to write about.

Determine the characters and main idea, which will result in a gripping plot with a sequence structure. Think of the conclusions you want your readers to make after reading your essay. And make an outline to stick to that.

How to Make your Narrative Essay Successful

  • Choose a catching topic– it is the first trick to attract readers and integrate your message into the story.
  • Make your characters memorable– try to describe them vividly and think of some peculiarities to add to each of them to make them stand out of the crowd.
  • Express personal attitude– in case you are given the topic by a teacher and nothing rings the bell, try at least to include your own vision of the issue, as if it really happened to you. You can also create a fictional story – thus, you will not deceive your readers.
  • Include your own experience– the main idea of this assignment is to show you are an expert on the topic and have experienced it first-hand. That is why use the 1st person in your narrative.
  • Provide lots of important details– it will help readers to recreate the picture and imagine it as if they have witnessed with their own eyes.
  • Don’t be afraid of writing emotionally– your passionate attitude may only contribute to the story.
  • Keep the structure logical and clear– although there are no strict construction rules for these types of essays, your text will be better comprehended by the audience if it is systematic.

All the information and tips, which we’ve prepared here, as well as examples of narrative essay topics, are going to help you write your paper well. However, if you don’t think you can do it yourself this time, don’t waste your time on doubts, just let us know what your task is, and we’ll do the job for you.

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