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Funny Speech Topics to Fit Every Taste


Giving speeches becomes a common practice day after day. Speeches may differ depending on the area of knowledge, audience, or purpose. However, even in a case with serious matters, it is sometimes suitable to give funny speeches.

It is true, because, when the speech is smart and properly built, it can attract more attention from the audience and have a bigger impact than a dull or flat speech.

That is why we’ve decided to collect the best and the most interesting funny speech topics for you to look through and choose for your performance. Besides this, we will school you in effective techniques to prepare and deliver such speeches. We will also provide you with tips when and how to use hints of humor.

Basic Notions of a Speech and its Types

A Speech is a public oral presentation of information concerning different spheres of life. It is a prepared conversation with the audience, which aims to influence it, make aware of some event or issue, offer congratulations or condolences, etc.

Thus, several types of speeches exist. And we will give you some insight into each of them:

  • Expositoryspeeches have to describe to the audience-specific information or situation to make people better aware of it and understand it to the full.
  • Demonstrativespeeches serve to show people how to perform a task or do some operations.
  • Motivationalspeeches encourage people on some actions or heighten their interest to do something.
  • Persuasivespeeches have a goal to convince the audience with some point or idea, to make people agree or disagree about a certain situation by means of your arguments and reasons.
  • Ceremonialspeeches are usually aimed to praise a person or a group of people, organization or establishment, event, or holiday. Students often give such speeches on the graduation ceremonies.

Forbidden Tricks with Funny Speech Topics

Of course, for some speech types, funny remarks or jokes may be more suitable than for others. However, if the joke is appropriate, it may be a good idea for almost any speech – it helps to defuse tension and sometimes even makes a statement more memorable.

Nevertheless, in the following cases, funny digression is not acceptable, indeed, as it may offend or irritate the listeners:

  • speeches about morality issues;
  • speeches at funeral ceremonies;
  • speeches concerning serious diseases;
  • speeches about discrimination, wars, rebellions;
  • speeches about natural disasters and catastrophes.

50 Bright and Funny Speech Topics

  1. Most stupid things celebrities have ever said;
  2. Most strange world records;
  3. Organs and body parts which have no value, and why do we have them then?;
  4. How does the laughter affect our health?;
  5. Causes of hiccups and funny ways to stop it;
  6. Most important discoveries are the results of occasional mistakes;
  7. When a lie is a lifesaver;
  8. The stereotypical perception of the future in books or films;
  9. Most funny explanations students give for skipping school;
  10. Most sophisticated techniques of cheating on exams;
  11. What would have happened to human beings if we had lived on Venus?;
  12. Most annoying phrases people say to each other;
  13. Songs that stick in mind and why is that so?;
  14. Strangest names celebrities give to their babies, and what is their origin;
  15. What will our planet look like in the future?;
  16. Unusual and strange treatment methods in folk medicine;
  17. Dud pieces of advice when you’ve caught a cold;
  18. Why can a little alcohol be good for health?
  19. Why is baseball so popular in America and almost unknown in other countries?;
  20. Funny incidents during football matches;
  21. Phrases you should avoid during the interview;
  22. Ridiculous things which bring people money;
  23. Most sophisticated phone frauds;
  24. Effective tricks and triggers to attract customers;
  25. Most annoying commercials of all times;
  26. Striking things about rich people and their habits;
  27. The most common answers people give to the question, “What would I do if I won a million?”;
  28. Cooking tips for weasels;
  29. Most unusual signboards and adverts;
  30. Ideal curriculum: What would students change if they had power;
  31. Funny facts about programmers, and why not everyone can understand their sense of humor;
  32. Role models for children in a modern society;
  33. Most bizarre pranks recorded on video;
  34. Most undeserved and controversial rewards in history;
  35. Why it is a bad idea to work together with relatives;
  36. Most funny things people do to fall asleep faster;
  37. How to impress the parents of your girlfriend/boyfriend: practical tips;
  38. The endless war between cat and dog lovers;
  39. Things one shouldn’t say to an employer;
  40. Interesting ideas to organize your cloth storage;
  41. Ideas of hand-made presents for every occasion;
  42. Why pets often resemble their owners?
  43. Funny traditions for celebrating national holidays around the world;
  44. Why some people are afraid of mice and other strange phobias;
  45. 20 things you must do before you get married;
  46. Most gripping stories of success or how to become rich and famous;
  47. 10 ways to find out what people think about you;
  48. Strangest food people find delicious in different countries;
  49. Creative ideas of how to peel and chop vegetables faster;
  50. What would I do if I become a president?
  51. Best tips on how to save up a house;
  52. Funny and strange things children do in summer camps;
  53. How to seem cool if you change school;
  54. Tips on how to communicate with people you cannot stand;
  55. Useful things that people can’t throw away and why;
  56. Worst presents one can get on a birthday;
  57. Actors who always play small parts;
  58. People names and their fate;
  59. How to give a hint to parents about your dream present;
  60. How do colors affect our mood and inspiration?

Tips to get started

And as usual, we’ve prepared some useful tips and recommendations for you to follow when you are preparing your speech:

  • Define the purpose of your speech– make sure you know what information or mood you have to convey to the audience and work on that while building your text.
  • Take into account who your audience will be– sometimes funny speech topics are better perceived by one group of people, while others may not share your jokes or funny remarks.
  • Don’t be offensive in your jokes– try to estimate what reaction may one or another joke provoke and try to select such words, which will not hurt somebody’s feelings.
  • The seesaw between funny parts and serious ones– you should always keep balance when delivering your speech. Don’t overfill it with too many funny parts or long information flow.
  • Read your speech to a friend or family– when you are done with writing, ask someone to hear what you’ve prepared. An outside point of view may be valuable.

In case you still feel unsure about your future speech and its composition, we are here to help.

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