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Preparation Is a Key to Success: Persuasive Topics

Persuasive Topics

People who are engaged in different social activities are familiar with speech writing. The case is common to students as well. Sometimes we can come up with a great talk on the spot even with no preparation at all. However, sometimes things go wrong: you mess up with the style of the text, the words are going crazy, and it is impossible to find the right one; the exhaustive pauses make the situation even worse. Therefore, to get things back to where they should be, a spoken speech must be written in advance.

You may ask what is the purpose of it. The answer is clear unless you are not a jumped-up person. When giving a speech there is an abundance of factors that can easily interfere with your performance and ruin everything even if you are completely aware of the topic.

  • There is always some nervousness and you can never overlook this fact.
  • The scenario could take another direction at any time, and without a prepared speech, you can be lost in front of your audience.
  • Your memory fails sometimes, so it is better to have some written tips on hand.

As you can see, being prepared can save your good name and help you feel confident with your speech. Thus, it is necessary to write it down beforehand.

Ways to categorize persuasive speech

Sometimes people find it difficult to put down at least a word to start their persuasive speech. It is a common situation for both experienced performers and pioneers in the field. Convincing the audience is troublesome, as not all arguments are sound and impressive for the people you are going to talk about.

To start the ball rolling, you need to get acquainted with 3 main types of this kind of speech. The following types are categorized by their purpose.

  1. Factual

To tell the truth, this speech is one of the easiest examples in terms of creativity. You do not have to burn the midnight oil to brainstorm the striking ideas. Your main goal is to collect the data needed to prove your point of view and make your listeners believe you. The factual information gathered and structured properly with a pinch of your personal charisma will be completely enough.

  1. Value

This is a tricky one. The basic body of the message is focused on the objectiveness. Discussing ethical and moral groundings can be risky as you never know what response from the audience to expect. Your goal is to argue an idea taken to the consideration of a moral perspective. To sound convincing the charm is not enough. You need to get a list of arguments to prove your words. Therefore, a written speech is necessary, as this task cannot be performed in oral form.

  1. Policy persuasive speech.

There are different events where you need to promote some policies or share views of a particular body of people. Thus, the advancement will depend on the quality of the performance. This way, you need to thoroughly think over the speech and write it down beforehand.

The multiplicity of topics

When you need to come up with the topic, you always have an option. In most cases, the general idea is concentrated on a particular matter. It can be a university discipline or any global issue discussed at the enterprise. Nevertheless, there is always a benchmark that gives you a hint and guides you in the process of writing. If you are not appointed with the exact topic, you can easily choose one of those listed below. However, pay attention to your major matter of concern as the list is divided into sections.

Wildlife and animal welfare

  • Wildlife species caged in a conservation area: is it good?
  • Nature-friendly ways to improve living conditions in wildlife.
  • Animals as our companions: is it possible to befriend with wildlife.
  • Euthanasia: can it be justified?
  • The use of real fur: ethical groundings vs fashion industry.

Mental state and self-love

  • Psychological disorders: teens are at risk.
  • Our peculiarities make us unique: say NO to the aesthetics imperfection.
  • Do we have to treat mental disorders with the help of medication or is it possible to let it go?
  • The amount of suicides has grown: who is to blame?
  • The effect of mass media on children and their self-esteem.
  • Bullying among teenagers is becoming critical: ways to prevent children from suffering emotionally.

Business industry

  • What is divergent thinking and how can it be applied for the good of the companies?
  • Cognitive skills drive today’s business world: is it true?
  • Prioritize your tasks or they will ruin your schedule.
  • Why is it important to be remunerated for the job?
  • Money is thought to be the main impetus for the workers: is it the right approach?
  • Recent breakthroughs and the price we pay for them.
  • You’re not a businessman without a successful and profitable Instagram account: the reality of life or fiction?
  • The individuality is lost in the business: the values of the community come to the fore.
  • Being rich or passionate: what must rule you on your way to success?
  • Following the pattern or breaking the rules: what can bring you fame and recognition?

Children and their life

  • How technology changed the life of teenagers?
  • The teacher is the core of the successful development of a kid.
  • How to manage with the bullies: ways to interact with your enemy?
  • The threat of social media imposes on immature children.
  • Our marks and academic performance do not define who we are as individuals.
  • Is it possible to cope with the assignments given by teachers: what is the reason for the abundance of tasks?
  • School or college is the best way to overcome fears.
  • How to stay organized and still get satisfaction from the studying process?

Medicine and Technology

  • Is the value of alternative medication justified?
  • In-vitro fertilization: will it make women happy or ruin their health?
  • The reason for mental health disorders: the inborn tendency or the impact of society?
  • Artificial meat: the advancement in technologies to save animals.
  • How do cell phones affect our everyday life?
  • Biohacking and its by-products: do we benefit from it?
  • Back pain and how to fight it: what do doctors say?
  • Body and brain cooperation: get things sorted.
  • Designer babies as a new notion in medicine: the potential threat for our society.

Public Speech

  • How to define a hero in today’s fast-pacing world?
  • The more mistakes you make, the easier your life is.
  • Exploring space: how much do we need to wait until it is our reality?
  • Generation gap: how to get on with your relatives?
  • Multinational society: ways to befriend with refugees.

Science and environment

  • How to keep up with scientific advances?
  • The use of robots to cure patients: is it safe or more time os needed?
  • Space research can save life on Earth.
  • The ecological balance has been destroyed: do we have to change it or simply adapt to it?
  • Global warming is raging everywhere: how to stop the Earth from dying?

Family relationships

  •  Private space for the children as a prerequisite for trusting relationships between family members.
  • Children need to read to stay tuned and to experience different lifestyles.
  • Ways to protect kids from unwanted information on the Internet.
  • Possible reasons for mental disease progression at an early age.
  • Video games as regular past-time activities: how it influences the children.

Arts and Entertaining

  • The use of song lyrics in the process of learning a foreign language.
  • The restrictions and deadlines kill creativity: what artists think.
  • Reality shows: is it ethical to perform the life of ordinary people in such a twisted manner?
  • How do movies affect our mood and force us to act?
  • Personal diary: the advantages of a writer.

Ethical attitudes

  • Transgender people in the military forces: for or against?
  • General elections: how should we treat the prisoners and do we have to endow them with the right to vote?
  • Is it OK if a couple shares the same roof before the marriage?
  • Do we need to abolish the death penalty even for the hardest crimes?
  • At what age is it possible to drink alcohol in the modern world?

The final touch

Do not underestimate the importance of a good preparation process. You need to be ready for any kind of surprise, thus prepare for the speech properly.

Deep analysis

If you want to ingratiate yourself to the listeners, make sure you have found enough information on the subject. Otherwise, you will not look like a credible data carrier.


When there is a controversial issue, you can hardly expect the unequivocal response. You have to sound convincing when advocating for your point of view. However, find sound arguments for your opponents.


You will have to communicate with people who constitute your target audience. Find more about the audience you are going to present the speech to feel more comfortable.

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