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Synthesis Essay Topics and Tips for Successful Writing

Synthesis Essay Topics

Students from universities and colleges are often asked to complete some writing assignments. It doesn’t matter whether you need to write a business review, term paper, essay or synthesis paper. Any of these papers require finding a material, processing information, getting supportive evidence, writing a strong thesis and making a list of references. Websites, academic books, and trade/scientific magazines are available. There are lots of students who can’t understand the whole paper structure before the start. And if you know how to work with lots of pieces of information, you are able to write an ideal paper.

Thinking about synthesis essay topics, students need to know about this type of academic paper. Types of the literature, the amount of the argumentative facts and selected references influence on the way the student writes her/his synthesis essay. We recommend choosing from two to five texts for making analysis. Completing such a writing assignment, the student has to answer the following questions:

  • What are the facts and ideas described by the chosen authors?
  • Does the position of the one author support the opinions of others?
  • Are there any sources in which the authors have different positions?

Definition of synthesis essay

Before you think about how to write this essay, it would be better to understand what it is. Under the term ‘synthesis essay’ we understand the paper for completing which the student has to gather data, process it and give his/her own thesis statement. By the way, such an assignment is one of the most favorite ones among the tutors. They prefer to check students’ skills in such a way.

While writing, students deal with lots of sources. Their task is to choose the most relevant and up-to-date references. Also, it is a good experience to listen to your tutor during the classes, because non-written sources are also available.

Extensive research of a certain topic is the heart of the synthesis essay. A combination of approaches may confuse the student, but it’s important to process all data and create the strongest thesis.  With the help of this, the attention of the readers will be attracted to the described problem.

Outline: tips for writing

All the students need to know the point-by-point structure of the academic papers. And one of the most important issues is to learn and know how to write an outline. Especially it is said about the synthesis essays. The outline is the same as the table where all the sections mentioned with the numbers of their pages. If you make your research deeper and have to divide your essay into some subcategories, you also have to mention this in the outline. We want you to avoid the most common mistakes, so you should to follow such rules:

  • Start with an attractive hook as well as a thesis statement.
  • Try to support your thesis with two or more minds from the authorized sources.
  • The second argument also has to be supported by a few sources.
  • Finish the essay with a strong conclusion and meaningful sentences.

How to organize a synthesis essay?

We don’t recommend working with the synthesis essay topics, which are supported by the only one source. Such an essay structure will be estimated as a weak one. The task of the students is not to make a conclusion of the processed source. Tutors ask students to write synthesis essays to think about the existed problem in a new way, to compare or contrast existed points of view, to make the analysis. As you see, there is not the same as working with one source. We recommend everyone deals with a couple of the sources and only then make your own conclusion and start to write a new paragraph of the essay.

The most popular structure of writing a synthesis essay is source-by-source. In this case, the essay has the following structure:

  • Introduction
  • A brief summary of the first source
  • A brief summary of the second source
  • A brief summary of the third source
  • Two synthesis paragraphs – a single commonality and one more similar trait
  • General conclusion

This structure is a classic one, but it usually helps to gather your minds and to express them in the correct order to readers.

How to write an introduction?

Students, who were asked to write the synthesis essay by the tutors, sometimes wonder how to write an introduction. Be sure that the tutor is well-oriented in his/her discipline. So if you want to get a high score, your essay has to be interested in reading from the beginning and till the end.

An introduction is usually considered in the wrong way. It seems to be so easy to write, but not all the students understand its meaning. By the way, it is one of the most important parts of the synthesis essay because it provides the first impression of the paper. If the annotation is weak and boring, it can be a sign for the readers and they will not read the paper till the end. But we want you to use some of the following rules to make your introduction better:

  • Start the essay with the citation of the famous person
  • Write thematic anecdote or joke
  • Use the allegory
  • Provide your readers with some interesting statistics facts
  • Use a rhetorical question

The best solution will be the usage of the strong thesis statement at the end of the introduction. It will impress even more, and the readers will want to read the essay.

After the introduction, the thesis statement comes. And this is also an important part of paper writing. In this part, you have to write the main argument of the whole paper. The main point of view can be represented in one or two sentences.

The thesis statement is so serious because it plays the role of background pf the essay. Moreover, it is as impressive and attractive as the title. You have to avoid the most common mistake and make the thesis as narrow as possible. The words in the thesis should come across the topic which will be described by the author in the paper.

Examples of synthesis essay topics

In the end, we want to share the most common and easy topics for synthesis essays.

  1. World War II and its impact on Eastern Europe
  2. How college students are influenced by social media?
  3. Teenagers’ texting and grammar mistakes
  4. Patriarchy and its outcomes for the world
  5. E-commerce: advantages and disadvantages
  6. Connection of modern European music and American art
  7. Changes in beauty standards
  8. Ecology problems
  9. Methods of stopping global warming
  10. Recycling: pros and cons

To sum up

As for the conclusion, we want to say that it is not as difficult as it may seem to be. Of course, writing assignments are boring. But at the same time, they teach students to process lots of sources, to make conclusions and gather minds, expressing them correctly.

To make a really perfect and impressive synthesis essay, students have to be involved in the world of research.  It is important to find a relevant topic. One more secret is that students need to be interested in this topic more than all his/her tutors. Only in this way, the essay will be written really quality. There are too many weak examples I the Net, and your task is to look through them, to find mistakes and to write your own essay more perfectly. One more way of solving this problem is to contact our writing team and they will help you.

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