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Informative Speech Topics: Full List

Informative Speech Topics: Full List

Nowadays, we try to use the scientific potential at its full strength. We make use of the Internet, the so-called storage for data, where the information about the latest novelties, breakthroughs or already common phenomena is kept. Therefore, the chances to find the appropriate topic for a speech are high.

Don’t let the scope of weird and not-to-the-point information scare you. Passion is the first thing you need to define. Each topic deserves to be discussed with a more scientific and professional approach, so never underestimate what you are keen on. It can perfectly serve as a basis for your informative speech.

What we define as an informative speech

The examples of this kind of message are everywhere. Basically, it is nothing more than covering the phenomenon and providing the information obtained in the process of profound research. You can choose an object, a notion, a personality or whatever you want to shed the light on. However, the informative speech has another sense. It involves teaching the listeners and giving them some practical prompts or knowledge they can further use.

Informative speech is a broad concept that is usually categorized.

  1. Explanatory speech

Sometimes, performing the obtained data is not enough to persuade the audience. People need to get some explanation on how the technology works, what processes are involved in it, etc. Thus, you cannot limit your speech to basic highlighting the general concepts. Your audience will not be satisfied with the response. Make sure your performance contains proper data with the figures and statistics. Don’t forget to cite the sources used. It will make your speech more credible.

  1. Definition speech

This is a less demanding kind of speech, as the preparation part is not that deep. You can resort to the definition of speech when a theory or a statement needs discussing. You don’t go in detail, but rather generalize the concept so it is easier for the listeners to get familiarized with it.

  1. Descriptive speech

It will be useful if there are some historical phenomena or recent situations to describe. Covering the key points will be enough in this case.

  1. Demonstrative speech

There is an explanation in the name itself. It is thought to be one of the most inventive and creative-like speeches. The working examples and the real-time teaching process lie in the heart of it. The audience benefits both from the information and practical skills.

Choose the topic accurately

Unfortunately, it is out of our hands to suggest the exact formula for choosing a topic. The background differs too much for a general and acceptable choice to be done. However, the step-by-step guidance on what you can benefit from.

  1. Ask yourself what you are passionate about. It can be a regular thing that has even become your routine. When you are familiar with the subject, the inspiration will never leave you.
  2. Narrow it. When there is a broad concept, try to focus mainly on 2-3 core points. Otherwise, you will be lost in the flow of information.
  3. Consider your audience. Watch if it appeals to them. The average age and area of interest should be also taken into account.

Let us show possible informative topics you can draw your attention to when preparing for the speech.

Science and Technology

Technology is the engine of progress today. Thus, the first section of examples for the informative speech topics addresses to it.

  1. CRISP: what is it and why we should befriend it.
  2. The fear of technical advancement: don’t be scared of artificial food.
  3. The food industry under scientists control positive sides and possible drawbacks.
  4. Do we live in the era of Elon Mask?
  5. The use of nature to charge our phones: alternative energy sources.
  6. Space exploring: will we have the chance to travel between the galaxies?

Environmental issues

The world’s climate undergoes drastic changes. Therefore, the environment is the sticking point today.

  1. How do microplastics kill the richness of our oceans?
  2. Do we benefit from the plants for recycling plastics?
  3. Is eating artificially grown food safe?
  4. Zero-waste society: have we got familiarized with it?
  5. Education and environment: do we need courses on environmental issues for students?
  6. What harms our Earth the most and how can we prevent our planet from collapsing?


The question of proper and up-to-date education has been the alarm for the last few years. This way, it is important to raise a point for consideration.

  1. The implementation of virtual reality devices in schools: what to expect?
  2. Healthy lifestyle: how to involve students in sports?
  3. More and more families are disintegrated: the course on relationship to be implemented in schools.
  4. The encouragement of divergent thinking among students: we need creative people.
  5. How to master the programming languages at ease?
  6. The educational system of our country and ways to improve it.

Healthcare and sports

A healthy lifestyle has become popular, and it won the hearts of thousands of people. Nevertheless, the notion is widespread nowadays, there are still some questions to be asked.

  1. Complete detox: the experience of a sugar-free diet.
  2. Why are children obsessed with food and what are the possible risks of overeating?
  3. How can obesity ruin my relationship with classmates?
  4. Clear benefits from participating in college sports life.
  5. The school as the first stage to foster professional sportsmen.
  6. Alcohol poisoning and its overuse among students: possible reasons and ways to fight with it.

Societal life

We, human beings, are interacting with each other and the social environment. To succeed in it, we need to follow a particular pattern of moral and ethical groundings. Let’s find out which topics can help us become more aware of who we are as personalities.

  1. The problem of cultural persecution is still present in our life: how can we fight it?
  2. The patriotic extremes and how it can disrupt the national fabric of society?
  3. The gap between salaries: why are doctors paid less than mass media influencers?
  4. Homeless people are on the dole: is it fair?
  5. Military service for women: is it acceptable for today’s society?
  6. Feminism as the rule of thumb for most women: is it the desire to be heard or the last light to struggle for humans?

Sphere of economics

When it comes to the financial system of the country, people feel quite unconfident. The scope of terms and possible operations with money must be comprehended. Thus, it is beneficial to choose a topic on the economic life of the country and investigate it.

  1. The problem of one-parent families: how to provide children with everything they need?
  2. Do we have to pay for education?
  3. Safe payments procedure or how to avoid the fraughts?
  4. What factors influence the salary scale?
  5. Our history: how was the system of the economy built?
  6. How to overcome the crisis and the period of stagnation for titans of today’s economy?

Political life and culture

These issues are interrelated. They have much in common, and to research the discrepancies and find the peculiar similarities, you can go in detail with one of the statements below.

  1. Why has the migration process become so popular? What are the most attractive directions for migrants?
  2. The issue of intercultural society is on agenda for many governments.
  3. Do the politicians contribute to the development of the entertainment industry enough for it to thrive?
  4. How does political life correspond to cultural heritage? Does it protect the heritage of the country?
  5. Do we need to adopt the political system from other countries and implement them at home?
  6. Our traditions define who we are: we cannot abandon them.

Business and Commercial

  1. The concept of Coca-Cola: workable techniques to achieve success in the market. 2. Bright and vivid publicity campaign: how do the manufacturers profit from their clients’ impressionability?
  2. The success of modern marketplace giants: high-quality services or aggressive marketing?
  3. Social media marketing: is it a new and fresh platform for making easy money?
  4. Lean production by means of child labor: do we know the real cost for another item bought at a bargain price?
  5. Consistent time management or how to increase profits with a reasonable schedule?

Now, you are provided with possible informative speech topics. A bit of creativity and some accurate data, and you are done with it. If additional help is still needed, let us know, and we will find the solution.

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