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100 Best Ideas for Your Research Paper Topics

100 Best Ideas for Your Research Paper Topics

Student life is full of different tasks and assignments. Students have to be ready for writing a lot. However, one of the most important papers they will have to write is a research paper at the final stage of their studies.
Research papers are usually written at the end of the entire period of study at school. Naturally, every student wants to perform well at this stage and get high evaluations.
However, many students face the challenge of not knowing which topic to choose for their papers. After all, a research paper is not some kind of simple work, it is, in fact, an indicator of your competence that you have received during the study at your university. It will characterize you as a competent, thinking and executive student. Many people think that writing a final work is the most difficult task, but in fact a big problem for many students is the choice of a topic for future research.
Why is it important to choose a winning topic for research paper? Properly chosen topic:

    • a) will help a student be engaged in research activities, collect the necessary information, read literature, translate articles of foreign authors on the edge of their seat.

It is very cool if a student likes the topic. And it is best if the student is in love with what he is doing and is really interested in the object of the research. If you are not interested, then the work will move very slowly, and it is more likely that your supervisor will want you to redo and correct the paper many times.

    • b) will assist in establishing constructive relations with the supervisor;

Constructive relationships include regular consultations, correction of errors and recommendations. This type of relationships with the supervisor will be possible to establish if the student likes the topic and devotes enough time to write his paper. If the situation is diametrically opposite, a student is not enthusiastic about the process and would expect a miracle to happen to finish his research paper.

    • c) will ease the process of preparation for the future paper and its defense.

You should remember that each research paper should be a potential part of the future thesis. At the end of your course you just combine them all together into one qualitative thesis. Think about it before choosing the topic.

    • d) help get the high evaluation of your work.

If you began to work hard in the fall, then by the end of the school year you can demonstrate the results of your research. Quality work deserves to be praised highly. This is why, at the defense of your paper, you will have all the chances to get a good grade.

How to Select a Proper Research Paper Topic?

You may not realize but the topic of your research paper may directly influence the grade you get. At first glance it may seem that the topic of the paper can not affect the assessment – just chose one and write it well.

In fact, to a large extent, the assessment of paper depends on its topic. It doesn’t matter whether you design it yourself or order it, you’ll still have to submit it to your supervisor, answer the possible questions, and defend your paper.

    1. Be in love with your topic

The most important rule when choosing a topic for your paper is that you should be interested in it. At least a little. Even if you are very far from the educational process in general.
If it is still difficult for you to choose anything, you can always consult with your supervisor – they like it very much when students consult with them. Your supervisor will not only help you find the right topic for you, but design a detailed plan for your specific theme, recommend specific literature for writing this particular paper. In this case, it is possible not only to choose the topic of the paper from the list offered by your supervisor, but also develop something on your own.

    1. Keep the time factor in mind

When choosing a topic for your work, time plays an important role. If you really want to select the winning topic you need to decide on it as early as possible. Why? The answer is obvious.
Most students would want to choose good themes this is why they come early to choose from a wide list of available topics. The later you start doing it the shorter the list becomes and the lesser choice you have.
Therefore, it is important not only choose the right topic, but choose it in advance. Keep it in mind and do not postpone it for tomorrow.

    1. Perspective of the topic

Another criterion for the selection of the theme is its perspective. It means that the topic should be perspective to use it for several years for different research papers, revealing its individual aspects each time, and write it with one supervisor in order to finally go to the graduation project on the same topic.
What advantages does it have? First of all, it will significantly facilitate the writing of the paper in the last year of studies. Even if you write your paper on your own, addressing the same topic from time to time will have a positive effect on the quality of the work you do. And if, when defending your paper, you focus the commission’s attention on the fact that you have been working on this topic for the last few years and present your term papers as visual evidence, then you will definitely win the sympathy of the members of the commission. If you know the theme, you will present its main points correctly and will be able to answer the questions of the commission and your opponent adequately.
In addition, the attitude of the supervisor towards you, both when writing research paper and a thesis, will be very positive – you will be able to rely not only on assistance in the process of writing, but also on support during defense.

Research Paper Topics by Category

If you do not want to choose the topic offered by your teacher and prefer developing something unique, you can use one of our topics. Below you will find 100 winning topics in different subjects.
Research Paper Topic on Science

  1. Why types of flue changes from year to year
  2. How doctors save babies born on 6th month of pregnancy
  3. What types of stem cells are there and what do they serve for
  4. How overall body health is influenced by sleep problems
  5. How screenings help to detect breast cancer
  6. How does breastfeeding influence baby’s health
  7. Can stem cells help reduce deaths from heart attack
  8. How eating problems lead to the death of a person
  9. There is no one universal diet
  10. How smoking influences mental health

Research Paper Topics on Business

  1. What are the types of managerial methods and how do they work
  2. Is it profitable to start a small business
  3. Will buying a franchise ease management of business
  4. Does global warming influence certain types of business
  5. Old corporate traditions some companies still have
  6. Why should companies do charity
  7. Is business in Northern Korea influenced by the communistic regime of the country
  8. How important is the role of a celebrity in advertising campaign of a product
  9. What is the share of McDonald’s in the US economy
  10. The Manhattan Project of the US: pros and cons

Research Paper Topics on History

  1. How does the art of Central Asia influences modern art
  2. What is common between Greek and Roman cultures
  3. How do monetary systems affect the development of people
  4. How did the Green Revolution influence the global history
  5. What were the most effective military strategies ever
  6. Why did WWII begin
  7. Is WWIII really going to start soon
  8. Is liberalism the best regime for ruling countries
  9. Martin Luther’s King role in the fight for the rights of black people
  10. What did Genghis Khan do to conquer Persia

Research Paper Topics on Computer Science

  1. What are the methods of measuring universe intelligence
  2. Why people choose Google apps
  3. Why Mac computers are considered safer than those of Windows
  4. Are brain chips going to be implemented soon
  5. What are the common mistakes in arranging data storage
  6. How effective are grammar checkers
  7. What are the self-defending networks
  8. How to connect the internet quickly
  9. What are the most dangerous PC viruses
  10. Do GPS systems make our brain work less

Research Paper Topics on Literature

  1. Did Harry Potter character became an idea of contemporary kids
  2. Describe and explain the notion of allegory on the example of 2 novels
  3. What are the reasons for using metaphors in literature
  4. Why literature and reading is not popular nowadays
  5. Alchemy as an object of some of literature works
  6. Give an example of one historical event described in several different works
  7. Explain the evolution of one particular genre
  8. Why phantasy is an important type of literature
  9. Prose vs. poetry
  10. How women’s fight for their right is presented in literature

Research Paper Topics on Law

  1. How effective are international law courts
  2. Describe and analyze one criminal procedure
  3. What does the World Intellectual Property Organization do
  4. Are American writers able to protect their business with the help of Copyright Office
  5. Does it take long to get patent from European Patent Office
  6. Do you need to know the GATT documentation
  7. What authorities women have in different countries
  8. What are the basics of the Election law in America
  9. Will ECOLEX project contribute to a cleaner environment
  10. What is Islamic law and how people treat it

Research Paper Topics on People’s Rights

  1. Living conditions for people in different countries
  2. Reasons for early pregnancy
  3. Do children get discriminated for their race at schools
  4. Is it legal to use drones for recording people’s life
  5. Are religious views reasons for discrimination
  6. Should people only marry someone with the same political views
  7. When will people in some countries stop dying from hunger
  8. How to stop bullying at schools
  9. Has legislation gone too far in giving the right to underage children
  10. What are children interested in different places around the globe

Research Paper Topics on Research

  1. Contract and compare traditional and e-learning
  2. Are scandalized tests really a good idea
  3. No Child Left Behind Act: does it really give chances to all kids to obtain education
  4. What are the benefits of living on campus
  5. How does early reading help children develop
  6. Are there effective ways of learning language by yourself
  7. How effective are self-regulated schools
  8. Ways to teach in small groups
  9. Contract and compare urban and village education
  10. Do learning systems have to be changed from time to time

Research Paper Topics on Environment

  1. What are the effective ways of reducing global warming
  2. What technologies help us reduce the use of paper
  3. It is worth fighting overpopulation
  4. Will the increased amount of films on environmental problems help us realize the scale of damage
  5. How to stop destroying forests
  6. How dangerous are underground earthquakes
  7. Are there methods of prediction of hurricanes
  8. If GMO food is dangerous why producers keep doing it
  9. How safe is nuclear power
  10. How to reduce pollution of water

Research Paper Topics on Sports and Entertainment

  1. How social networking influences people
  2. Does violence and games and films make our kids cruel and merciless
  3. Are beauty contests something every girl should dream of
  4. Is there a chance for printed media to be replaced by online sources of info
  5. Do PlayStations take the precious time form our kids’ childhood
  6. Are there any shows on TV that should be banned
  7. Are mass media used to set a certain mood of the population
  8. What are the most popular types of sports for men and women nowadays
  9. Are social networks becoming a means of different types of frauds on people
  10. Should ways of entertainment with the use of animals be banned.

Do not forget to conduct small research to see if there is enough material on the topic you wish to research. It is also advisable consulting your teacher.
And remember, try to choose the topic you really like. If you do so, the process will be more enjoyable and the result a hundred times better.

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