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How To Choose The Best Presentation Topics


Developing your presentation skills is extremely important. They can help not only in the course of your studies but also can be very appreciated among your future employers. Good presentation skills prove that you are a good communicator, don’t afraid of any kind of audience, and can cope with your stress effectively

Any presentation is a kind of communication. In its course, you can share with your audience some interesting or valuable information. This sharing is nearly always supplemented with the relevant visual content.

A good presentation is one that captivates your listeners. To reach this goal, you should look for any interesting topic and information to expand it. Think about the main message of your future presentation and the purpose of your speaking. These points will serve you as your waymarks during the overall process of preparation.

How to Find a Good Presentation Topic?

If your professor has not assigned you any topic, you may choose it on your own. The keys for making your presentation good are simple – just pick a topic that:

  • interests you;
  • is related to your academic field or course;
  • has some importance or practical implication;
  • is related to any interesting information and findings.

Your topic should present some light controversy or dispute. At the same time, avoid any topics that have any sensitive context, like racism or black humor.

What to Do Next to Make Your Presentation?

Preliminary work

This stage is extremely important. You should pay attention to any relevant source of information, read it carefully, and elaborate on your ideas. If you are interested in your topic, such research can be easier.

Form your pool of resources you may rely on during the preparation. Of course, you cannot use all of them. However, they can give a sense of confidence.

At this stage, it is also better to make an outline. Write down on a separate paper all ideas you would like to share. Make a scheme for your future presentation and decide how much time you have to present all ideas effectively. At the end of this stage, you should have your clear vision about the future presentation.

Preparation tips

The actual process of your preparation depends greatly on your topic. Apart from the basic points of your presentation, there are always many peculiarities to consider. To make the long story short, here are the main tips you can consider and apply in the course of your preparation:

  • Know your audience well and choose the relevant approach to interact with it.
  • Structure your presentation and write down all text you would like to present.
  • Make the beginning of your presentation interesting and captivating.
  • Pick the right words to express all ideas correctly.
  • Prefer short, but informative sentences.
  • Avoid any confusing statements and ambiguities. However, allow yourself some intriguing statements to interest your readers, like quotes or statistics data.
  • Make the transitions between the separate parts of your presentation logically and smoothly.
  • Think about any kind of evidence and examples that can help you to sound more persuasively.
  • Find or create infographics. Any kind of visual component can help you to expand your topic. They are also more convenient for your listeners.
  • Make sure you leave enough time to address all questions. Conduct discussions with your listeners confidently.

Presentation Topics for Practice

Choosing an intriguing presentation topic is your first step to success. Below you can find many interesting topics you can pick and practice.

Health and Food

  • Benefits of being a vegetarian
  • How to prepare excellent macaroni?
  • How to grow your food at home?
  • Is alternative medicine appropriate?
  • How to count your calories?
  • Tips for choosing your diet
  • The most exotic food everyone should try
  • How to plan your nutrition?
  • About the benefits of tea
  • The most useful types of food
  • The easiest ways to keep your body healthy

Family and environment

  • Family as the first person’s environment
  • Finding a balance between your home and career
  • How to travel with children?
  • Approaches for dealing with a gifted child
  • How to address challenges with children after a divorce?
  • Ways for handling any problematic matters with a newborn
  • About difficult children
  • What things impact the child’s personality most of all?
  • How to secure a child from outer aggression?
  • How to make a child resilient?


  • Does the modern learning environment meet the expectations and needs of learners?
  • How do social media make an impact on modern education?
  • How to prepare yourself effectively for the TOEFL exam?
  • What makes online learning effective?
  • What countries offer the best education?
  • The shortest ways to enhance the educational system
  • How to encourage teaching leadership?
  • Tips for studying abroad
  • Finding financial resources for your education
  • How to do with bullies?

Business and finances

  • The role of mentorship in the modern business environment.
  • How does a small business can benefit from telemarketing?
  • Ways for boosting the performance of any company
  • General approaches for increasing competitiveness of any company
  • How to organize outsourcing effectively?
  • Ethical aspects of doing business and its social responsibility
  • Ways for increasing the productivity of your employees
  • The modern laws of marketing to keep in mind when doing business
  • Tips for minimizing your business costs
  • Simple and legal ways to increase your profit dramatically

Culture and art

  • The inspirational role of art
  • How to find the best musical instrument for you?
  • Rhyming in various kinds of poetry
  • Does the art reflect our life or create the other reality?
  • Tips for understanding our modern art
  • How to combine effectively various cultural forms for exhibitions?
  • Cultural restrictions for social media
  • How to save culture from the negative outer factors?
  • The relations between culture and politics
  • Movies as an important part of the modern culture
  • The modern cultural trends

Sports and entertainment

  • Where to look for the entertainment ideas
  • Are video games good or bad?
  • How to find your hobby?
  • Tips for spending your leisure time effectively
  • How to find great videos on Youtube?
  • How to promote your Instagram account?
  • The best movies of this year
  • Why is reading paper books important?
  • What your favorite music can tell about you?
  • These sports can boost your learning skills.

How to Prepare Yourself for Speaking Before the Future Audience?

Making any kind of public speaking is always challenging. It is always easier to make your presentation if you know your topic well. Try to read as much as you can about your topic. Even if you don’t use all this information, it can help you to feel more confident. This is especially important when you answer questions.

Make some short notes for your convenience. When making your presentation, try to look at your audience. But if you forget some important thing or break the flow of your presentation, your notes can save you.

Pronounce all words clearly and loudly. During your presentation, avoid any vocal interruptions, like “m-m-m-m…”. Instead, just make small pauses, like for taking another breath.

In any case, it is always better to memorize your presentation. Also, it is worthy to practice with somebody who can give you his/her impartial feedback and support.

Remember that your home or places with your friends are your areas of safety. You can get there the basic positive experience you may rely on further. This is how you can increase your confidence and enhance your presentation skills.

Final Words

So, preparing any kind of presentation can be very easy if you do sufficient research, elaborate ideas, and write your future text. Supplement it with any kind of visual content to illustrate all important points.

Practice before any people you may trust to gain the positive experience you may rely on. Be confident and have a lot of successful presentations.

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