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Let`s Write a Process Essay


Describing any process can make your mindset clearer. If you have this valuable skill, you may also communicate more effectively with both professionals and ordinary people.

A process essay is a kind of writing work where you provide a comprehensive description of any process, how it works from the beginning to its completion. This writing assignment requires clarity more than any other.

You should be specific and straightforward. Make sure you present all statements in a manner that allows your readers to understand in full the process you are speaking about.

This assignment is interesting and useful. To complete it successfully, simply consider the next recommendations.

Tips for Choosing Your Process Essay Topic

Without any doubt, the overall success of writing your essay depends on its topic. Here are the basic tips to help you in this case:

  • Become interested in some processes.
  • Make sure you know well the process you are going to describe.
  • Consider your audience when choosing a topic.
  • Avoid choosing too complex or simple topics. Instead, pick some more or less familiar subject that has peculiarities worth to speak about.
  • Clarify briefly any terms that can be likely unfamiliar to your readers.
  • Indicate warnings where appropriate.
  • Describe any materials and tools, if necessary.
  • Provide your overview of the possible outcomes of this process.

If you consider these points, you will likely choose the most appropriate topic for your case. But you should also develop this subject by sharing some interesting information about it.

Writing Your Process Essay

Basic writing tips

Your writing can be much easier if you consider the following advises:

  • Divide the overall process into separate parts and present such chronologically.
  • Prefer sequential actions to describe your process step-by-step.
  • Provide explicit and complete instructions related to the process.
  • Be specific, but avoid overloading your essay with the excessive details.
  • Define briefly any unfamiliar terms to the readers.

You should write simply to ensure that all members of your target audience can grasp the essence of this process without any extra efforts. Your writing should also be interesting and informative to keep the interest of your audience. To reach this goal, including the statements about any benefits this process can bring to the lives of your readers. Also, you may include interesting statements, statistics, quotes, and even jokes, if it is appropriate.

Approximate stages of your writing

To make your writing effective, you should organize it appropriately. Here are the possible steps you should pass to complete your essay:


First of all, you should understand the process on your own. Look for various books, manuals, and articles about it. Various YouTube videos can be extremely helpful in this case.

Afterward, select the best resources you may refer to during your writing. It is wise to range according to their relevance and content.

  1. Elaboration of ideas

When you have selected the most suitable resource, develop ideas to explain the process. To accomplish this task easily, look for examples of similar essays. You may use them to develop your own strategy of writing.

List all your ideas on a separate paper. For this type of writing, it is also better to make a scheme for your process. Outline it to form your own vision about it.

Afterward, you may create your plan of writing. It will help you to organize your time. This plan will also help you to divide your text into separate parts and decide what kind of information you want to include in each part.

  1. Writing itself

To make your writing more effective, imagine that you are completing this process in your real life. This way, you can make your essay practically valuable.

In your introduction, describe your target process briefly and set your goals. Try to capture your readers’ attention. Present some interesting statements or describe any practical importance of this process. Afterward, make your smooth transition to the following paragraph.

The number of paragraphs of your process essay depends on the number of stages that your process has. Devote one paragraph to each stage. Provide its description and include examples, if necessary. In this part of your essay, you may also indicate any warnings.

In your conclusion, summarize the overall content. Make your conclusion to the point. In this part, you may emphasize the practical importance of this process and your writing again.

For your first draft, ignore any formatting limitations. At this stage, you should simply create your text based on the previously developed ideas. Afterward, condense the similar parts of your text to make it shorter and more informative.

  1. Proofreading and revising

When you have your ready essay, set it aside for some time. It is wise to look at it with your fresh view. Also, you may give your final draft to somebody else for feedback. After you have got all suggestions, you may revise this draft. Restate some disputed statements to enhance your writing.

Process Essay Topics to Practice

Only knowing useful tips is definitely not enough for writing a good process essay. Practice how to describe any process effectively by using these topics:

  • Simple techniques to cope with any stress
  • How to become a good professional?
  • How to develop any new habit easily?
  • How to make a small video?
  • The best approach to make your job interview successful
  • Ways for expressing your appreciation to other people politely
  • How to make your look fashionable?
  • How to turn your acquaintances into your good friends?
  • How to cope with any kind of disappointment?
  • Using Google Maps effectively
  • How to develop your own website?
  • About selling things on Ebay
  • How to close any deal effectively?
  • How to organize your sports training?
  • Tips for getting along with the new people?
  • How to analyze the literature effectively?
  • How to tackle insomnia?
  • Tips that can help you find a new job
  • How to make better choices?
  • Tips for organizing your learning process effectively
  • About learning a new foreign language
  • Tips for planning your budget effectively
  • How to make a knit sweater?
  • How to save yourself from catching a cold?
  • How to play soccer effectively?
  • Tips for searching a good book
  • Tips for writing a good paper
  • How to organize your leisure time?
  • Tips for developing good habits
  • How to find a new home?
  • About making an origami
  • How to deal with your burnout?
  • How to make a remarkable tea ceremony?
  • How to make a coffee, right?
  • Making soap at home
  • Tips for making a PowerPoint presentation
  • About publishing a book
  • How to overcome any block?
  • General advises for dealing with any crisis
  • Using your GPS effectively
  • Tips for overcoming any addiction
  • Effective money saving
  • All you should know about how to call for emergency medical care
  • Using a telescope to reach the sky
  • Packing a parachute to stay alive and enjoy your flight
  • Tips for analyzing any handwriting
  • Becoming more confident
  • Making your haircut on your own
  • Organizing your vacation
  • How to make a sponge cake?
  • How to choose the best clothes that suit you perfectly?
  • How to ride a bike?
  • Tips for starting your business
  • Things to know about installing a new app
  • How to promote your social media account?
  • How to become more noticeable in Google search?
  • Strategies to prepare your CV
  • Writing emails effectively
  • About training a dog
  • Becoming a professional
  • About passing a driver’s test
  • Useful tips for using your Word effectively
  • How to enter your dream university?
  • About basic writing tips
  • Writing a poem
  • Riding a horse
  • How to read books effectively?
  • Relocation to another country
  • Protecting your rights before a court
  • Creating a new software
  • How to become successful during your studies?
  • Making your home ice cream
  • How do solar panels operate?
  • About choosing your major in college

Final Words

Writing a process essay can add value to your life and the lives of others. This writing boosts your analytical skills and helps to gain new knowledge about some processes. Write in a concise and informative manner and describe any process step-by-step.

We wish you a lot of interesting writing experience.

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