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Time To Work On Biology Research Topics


What do you find the most complex task being assigned in the universities? These could probably be various writing assignments. These are the tasks that ask for great attention and concentration. While some students enjoy expressing their thoughts on a piece of paper, others prefer to avoid these complex undertakings. Academic writing is a complicated issue. Be it a regular essay or another paper writing task; it is a demanding process.

Today we’re going to discuss the struggle of writing a biology research paper. Why do students fear this particular combination of words? Let’s take a closer look at the term and decipher it.

What is a research paper? This is a complex approach to researching a suggested issue. The task is far from being easy. Dealing with a research paper presupposes working with lots of text materials or even doing one’s own investigation. To come up with a well-organized paper, one needs to conduct research and analyze the problem. There are different studies on the subject to be investigated by the student. Considering these aspects related to research paper writing, we can infer an exact conclusion. Research paper writing is tough. It takes time and asks for huge efforts from the writer.

We have found out what is a research paper and why some students may feel discouraged from writing it. Now it’s time to get the idea of a biology research paper. Biology is a huge subject. It covers various fields of study. If you enjoy the discipline, writing a research paper can be interesting for you. But not all the students are eager to investigate the biological issues. Working with the subject requires a scientific method and a complex approach. If you feel reluctant to work with the topic, you may have questions arising in your mind.

  • what should I do first?
  • where can I find relevant data?
  • what is the structure of the paper?
  • what topic is better to choose from?

These are frequently asked questions that students have at the beginning of the writing process. You shouldn’t be feared to work with a biology research paper. In this article, you will find answers to the questions and get inspiration for paper writing.

Research Paper: Let’s Work Non A Structure

When you have a task to write a paper, you should start from the basics. You can’t start from choosing the topic if you know little about the structure. So, it is better first to learn what is the best way to organize material in the paper. We won’t get in too much detail. You may have different requirements introduced by a professor. Thus, we will concentrate more on the correct material delivery.

Title Page And Abstract

This is the first that the reader sees when he or she gets the paper. Here you need to include the information about the writer and the name of the work. Here you can also include the name of the affiliation or any other info required by the professor.

The abstract is the next paragraph to work with. This should be a brief summary of the whole research. This is a short section that usually counts no more than 300 words. This serves as an overview of the whole paper.


When framing the paper, you must first put a title and abstract page. When these pages are done, you move further or work on the introduction. Here you should answer the following questions:

  • what topic have you chosen?
  • why do you consider it a nice choice to investigate this issue?

Since this is the first major research paper section, you have to be quite specific here. Describe the topic and discuss previous works related to the subject under research. You can point out what research has been previously done. Feel free to indicate which problems are still unsolved. These could be the issues for you to address in the research.


In this part of the paper, you focus the attention of the reader on what has been done. This section tells the reader how you performed the research. Who was involved in the research process? Who participated in data gathering? What materials and methods you used? Have you carried out an experiment? Be specific here. If you don’t provide enough information to the reader, the final result can be insufficient.


What findings have you experienced? In this section, your task is to present the results of the work. You need to specifically refer to the actual results. If you provide vague data and tell little about statistics, the reader may be pensive the information inadequately. This section serves as an indicator of your hard work on the paper.


Does your work have a scientific significance? This is another paramount section of your research. Here you should summarize the findings and make conclusions. Your major task is to tell how the researcher addressed the issue and developed the topic. You can elaborate on the section and expand on the directions for those who want to continue researching the topic.

Finish Line

Congratulations. You have done a great job and come up with the last sections of the research. You need to include the references, insert tables and figures and finish it all up with the appendix. These sections are mandatory for the research paper. But they can differ depending on what subject you deal with. You can also have additional suggestions from the professor. So, these sections are to be written individually.

Relevant Biology Research Topics

What can make your research tedious? When it comes to biology research papers, there are a vast majority of things that can make the process more or less tedious. The biological world is huge. There are so many subject-related issues to investigate. On the one hand, it gives you a whole lot of opportunities to choose whatever you like. But on the other hand, you can easily get confused by choice. You can spend hours looking for the most appropriate topic unless you get the one from the professor.

Do you have those precious hours spent in a search for a topic? We have gathered a comprehensive list of topics for a biology research paper. These options could serve you as a hint or an inspiration to create your own topic for investigation. Or you can simply choose one from the list and elaborate it in your paper.

Top Biology research topics for students

  1. Ebola phenomenon: was it a biological weapon? Could terrorists be associated with the case to gain profit from the implications? What do you know about Ebola?
  2. Studying neurobiology: how do people remember things and keep important memories in their minds? Can we 100% rely on our memory?
  3. Can immortality be real in the 21st century? Is there anything that never dies?
  4. How do we treat abortion in today’s world? Is it a contentious issue for society today? How do people in your country relate to the issue?
  5. What can cause major plant diseases? Can we call it to plant pathology?
  6. The case of transplantation: are people aware of the consequences? What is the worst of them? What should one know before emerging oneself in the procedure?
  7. How can we deal with cancer using molecular biology? How can information about rare genetic disorders contribute to fighting against serious disease cases?
  8. Do we find homosexuality among mammals? Is it the norm? Do we need to learn more about the phenomenon? Can it help us shed light on homosexual individuals?
  9. Obesity: what are the major reasons for gaining extra weight?
  10. What if a person wants to get a child with a cousin? Is it morally correct? What are the risks from the biological point of view?
  11. What can you say about the history of biology? What are the periods? Which one contributed the most to the modern scientific field?
  12. Do we need to domesticate wild animals? Is it possible to make Wolfe obey your orders and become a pet? Is it ethically correct to tame wildlife?
  13. What are the most frequent theories of humankind’s origin? Which one do you consider the right one or the most probable one?
  14. Why do we have a particular eye color? What defines the color of our eyes? Do we have anything to help identify the color of the person before he or she is born? Does our eye coloring relate to what our parents’ coloring is?
  15. Is it good for our body to follow a shortage of dieting systems? Can we say that using a paleo diet is correct? Does it have any benefits to eat the same way as our predecessors did in earlier times?
  16. How does pollution affect people? How do people react to environmental pollution? Do we address the issue to the full extent?
  17. Is hypnosis real? What are the scientific grounds that support the idea of hypnosis to be a real remedy?
  18. How does our immune system function? What diseases can we get if there is an immune system malfunction?
  19. Do we know enough about drug addiction? Why do people become so interested in ruining their life and health?
  20. How do hormones drive our bodies? What should a person do with the hormonal imbalance? Is it a psychosomatic issue?

Interesting Biology Research Topics

  1. How can we use plants to monitor the environmental state?
  2. How do diets relate to our health? Do they influence the environment somehow?
  3. Human ecology issues: what measures should we take to enhance the ecology?
  4. How can economic growth be associated with environmental sustainability?
  5. Why do some people perform edging processes faster than others? Does ecology play a role in how we look and feel throughout life periods?
  6. How do sea animals use camouflage to protect themselves and avoid danger?
  7. How do plants resist diseases?
  8. Does stress affect our immune system?
  9. Why do some people suffer from asthma symptoms? How can we eliminate the danger that asthma entails?
  10. Do house pets suffer from obesity? Is it a dire issue? Do we need to rescue them?

How To Cope With Biology Research Writing At Ease: Tips To Try

When you know the structure of the research paper and have some ideas about the topic, you should start. But how to start? Students often get confused when there’s a need to take the first step. To make the process less complicated for you, read the following tips:

  • research the issue. If you aren’t keen on biology, you may probably have little knowledge about the subject. Don’t be scared. To get better at it, you need to conduct at least a small research. Go to the Internet and search for relevant information. Try to do it beforehand so that you can do it without any rush. Read topic-related articles and watch interesting videos. This will help you immerse yourself in the topic and learn basic facts. Thus, you will be more comfortable developing the topic;
  • read the requirements carefully. Before you commence with the writing, open up the document with the requirements, and read them. There you can find some tips from the professor. If you have additional questions or remarks, it is better to settle everything before you start working on the project. The easiest way is to ask your supervisor;
  • come up with a plan. You know the structure, but you also need a plan. With a set outline, the process will be much easier. You need to put down every step. This way, you won’t forget some important things.

Biology research writing is easy if you follow these rules. Learn the structure and find a good topic. This is what you need for a winning start.

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