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How to Write an Introduction for a Research Paper in a Right Way

How to Write an Introduction for a Research Paper in a Right Way

In its structure, the research paper normally includes several parts: title, introductory section, main part, conclusions and list of references. In some papers they would include abstract, highlight key words and conduct an overall review of the studied sources.

However, introduction may seem the most complicated section in the paper devoted to research work to compose. The introduction volume depends on the kind of your work. It states the project theme, substantiates its prerequisites and relevance, and then sets out the issues considered in the project and the hypothesis put forward. A winning introduction shapes the mood for the entire text, draws the audience’s attention and communicates hypothesis or abstract statements.

What is a Research Paper Introduction Paragraph?

Research paper intro is the initial part, located on the third sheet after the content of the project paper.

With the intro section you should intend to present the theme of the paper, explain the purpose for carrying out the study. When composing the intro part, the author must, first of all, define the general research theme. Next, reveal the theoretical and practical value of the project and describe the most reliable and accessible sources for the reader on the topic in question. In the introductory part, the author also indicates problems that previous authors, who addressed the same, were unable to solve, and express their will and ways to sole it.

In the introductory part a student has to state:

  • purpose and object undertaken by them. The work must contain the major idea, the disclosure of which it is devoted. You should formulate a goal, and reply the question: “Which results I am expecting to obtain once the research is completed?” As a rule, it begins with verbs: find out, reveal, form, substantiate, check, define, etc. The material of study serves an object of the research;
  • significance and novelty. Theme significance means the level of its importance at this very time and in this specific situation. It shows how the results of the conducted study can be applied for solving scientific and practical issues. Novelty is the findings that will distinguish this specific work from the findings obtained by other researchers;
  • draft hypotheses, if there are any available.

Research project introduction should be structured as follows:

  • research theme relevance
  • Problem touched upon in the study
  • Object and subject of study
  • Purpose of research
  • Tasks of research
  • Hypothesis (assumption)
  • Main stages of work
  • Research methods
  • Academic novelty
  • Theoretical relevance
  • Practical bearing
  • Description of the main sources of information

Each of the above paragraphs of a research project intro should be described from a new paragraph without numbering and without a heading.

How to Write a Research Paper Introduction?

We have prepared a list of useful tips to assist you in composing of a winning research paper introduction.

Introducing the paper topic

Indicate your research theme. It is a great idea to begin the intro part with several sentences linked to the topic of the further text and listing the questions touched upon in the study. This is a good method to acquaint your audience of introducing with the subject under the study and interest each reader.

Insert keywords. When composing a paper, you will need to provide a small list of keywords that reflect the area to which your research belongs.

Give definitions to key terms. You should always keep your paper accurate and clear; therefore, you should decipher terms and concepts not commonly used to let your reader understand the line of thinking.

Present the intro as a brief story or quotation. Sometimes the intro section can be presented in a more standard and spectacular form. Begin it with an instructive story or quotation that illustrates the subject of your study; it indicates a good style and awakens the reader’s interest.

Research paper relevance

Add a short literature review. You should definitely indicate what kinds of research were conducted in this field before you. This component of your introduction will show that you have studied the material well and know the current problems in this area.

Focus on your own contribution. As the introduction develops, you should switch from the review of scientific sources to describing the type of work carried out by you, mention its relevance and the possible contribution to this field of study.

Indicate logical justification of your work. You should aim at justifying how important and relevant your research work is in narrower terms. In the description you should show the value of the study and how it will promote the development of the field you work in.

Statement of questions and hypotheses

  • Mark the questions under study. After you have indicated the position taken by your paper and its importance, begin formulating the issues you touch upon therein.
  • Formulate a working hypothesis. After the above is done, state the hypothesis or theses to be obtained clearly and concisely.
  • Describe the paper structure. Sometimes the introduction ends with several lines briefly describing the structure of the whole subsequent paper.

And several more tips:

  • Your research plan will help you decide which information to include in the intro.
  • Try writing an intro after you’ve already finished the body and other parts of your scientific project. Work on the introduction as the last part of work ensures that you do not miss the main points.
  • Avoid emotional introduction: it can cause your audience to doubt your truthfulness.
  • Try to avoid the use of personal pronouns – I, we, my, our, etc.
  • Do not overload the reader with redundant information. Write the introduction as concisely as possible. Specific details should be indicated not in the intro but the main section of your research project.
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