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60+ Topics And Tips On Writing A Research Paper In Sociology


Are you going to write a research paper in sociology but don’t know what to start with? Then, this article is the right place. We are going to offer out pieces of advice and a wide range of topics for sociology research to choose from.

Conducting an investigation in sociology is more interesting than it seems. The key to success is choosing the right topic and effectively proving your hypothesis. Well-conducted research presents you as a good future specialist in your field.

Sociology Paper Structure

The specific purpose of writing research in this field is thorough selecting the research methods. The ways of approaching information are crucial for validating the hypothesis. Here are our pieces of advice on enhancing the overall quality of your sociology research.


There are three main approaches to creating an outline for a sociology paper.

  1. The traditional one. Use it if you already have an idea of what you are going to write. It is a usual holistic approach that involves headings and sub-headings.
  2. Post-drafting. Perfect in case you haven’t got a clear understanding of your topic. Just begin writing several paragraphs concerning your key idea and see what aspects pop up in them. Here is the plan for your ideal research—an ideal way to order in messy ideas.
  3. Conceptual. This one deals with visualization means to realize what you need to do. Represent the key aspects with rectangles and previous research with circles. That’s how you can observe which parts need further development.


  1. Intro

Begin with an engaging idea or fact that draws the readers’ attention immediately. Then, place a research question that needs further evidence. After that, suggest a few situations prove that your idea requires further development. And wrap this part up with a strong thesis statement giving your readers a hint on investigation approaches you are going to utilize in your work.

  1. Main part

In the body paragraphs, present your most interesting arguments. Attempt to stun the readers using the most interesting ideas. Always support them with the evidence from previous investigations, even if it seems obvious. But don’t quote too much, rely on your own thoughts. Supporting your arguments with statistics is also a great way to boost the comprehension of your work. Always start with an idea and then lay out the evidence.

  1. Conclusions. In this part, sum up the most important points you mentioned in the body part. Do not involve any new ideas and leave questions unanswered.


There are two citation formats used for researches in this field: APA and ASA. ASA is widely used and well-known among students. APA is a relatively new one that may cause difficulties. But in general, they have much in common. Remember to number your tables properly and add footnotes.

Dos and Don’Ts in Conducting a Sociology Research

Here are tips on enhancing the investigation quality and typical mistakes to avoid in your investigation

Our Recommendations

  1. Place your thesis statement as early as possible.
  2. Create a research plan first.
  3. Look through the sample papers on similar topics to define a good structure.
  4. Always rely on real evidence, statistics, and information to support your points.
  5. Include a couple of subheadings to enhance the readability.
  6. Provide the historical context of the selected topic.
  7. Don’t quote directly and try to paraphrase instead.
  8. The reference list needs to be placed on a separate paper sheet.

Typical Mistakes

  1. Ignoring the assignment instructions.
  2. Relying on irrelevant data sources.
  3. Being one-sided.
  4. Not following the cause and effect chains.
  5. Sticking to the too narrow aspect and giving too many details.

Why Is Picking the Right Topic So Crucial for Sociology Research?

Topics in this sphere are more specified and normally handle such notions as human social structure and functioning, human relationships, different social institutions, and their role. There are many subjects that were thoroughly investigated before, and you may have plagiarized research unintended. Simply picking one from a list suggested at the university is not a solution for further-thinking students. To avoid possible topic issues, you are free to choose one from the list below. We provide our list of original topics for amazing sociological investigation.

60+ amazing sociological topics to explore

You can change the suggested topics according to your interests and assignment requirements. To make it more comfortable for you to search, we divided them into several groups by a general topic.


  1. How does divorce affect children?
  2. Interracial adoption: is it real in our society?
  3. Should the parents influence the child’s behavior?
  4. Is it possible to raise a healthy child by a single parent?
  5. At what age should the children study gender studies?
  6. Why do middle-class children become successful?
  7. How to avoid difficulties in communication between parents and children?
  8. Marriage sociology.
  9. The effect of helicopter parenting on children.
  10. Are the marriages out-of-date?
  11. The impact of social media on teenagers.
  12. Should children do sports activities obligatory?
  13. What are the possible advantages of being a child-free person?
  14. The benefits of taking parenting classes before having children.
  15. Arranged marriages: Pros and Cons.

Culture and Art

  1. How does music affect cultural identity?
  2. The effect of music on teens and preteens.
  3. The impact of globalization on modern art.
  4. Social media and modern art.
  5. Should graffiti be considered an art form, or is it just vandalism?
  6. The K-pop popularity phenomenon.
  7. Are computer games art?
  8. Should ads be considered a contemporary art form?
  9. The underestimation of art education.
  10. Can opera change the culture?


  1. Should a free subject choice be available in high school?
  2. How do school uniforms reduce bullying?
  3. Should children study religion as a school subject?
  4. What are the main ethical values in education?
  5. Is the teachers’ salary reasonable, or should they earn more?
  6. School or parents: who should educate children more?
  7. Private vs. public schools: a comparative analysis.
  8. The pros and cons of having a unified test standard.
  9. Sex and gender education: is it a necessary school subject?
  10. Should smartphones be taboo in educational institutions?

Food and Eating

  1. The ways to prevent child obesity.
  2. How did the fast-food industry change society?
  3. Food and its influence on forming cultural identity.
  4. The impact of technology on eating habits.
  5. Food education: is it important in the modern world?
  6. Raw food diet: pros and cons.
  7. Is the family dinner already extinct?
  8. The connection between food traditions and health.
  9. Vegan and vegetarian as cultural phenomena.
  10. Should fast-food be prohibited for children?


  1. The influence of international marriages on children.
  2. Racial stereotypes in education.
  3. Does patriotism depend on the social level?
  4. The effect of foreign education on success.
  5. Are patriotism studies a necessity at schools?
  6. The influence of nationality and race stereotypes on children.
  7. A picture of a modern patriot.


  1. Should the different generations live separately or under one roof?
  2. Intergenerational marriages and their consequences.
  3. Should we take better care of elderly people? How?
  4. In what ways does interaction with children influence elderly people?
  5. What should we learn from older generations?
  6. Generation Y communication style and its specifics.
  7. How does Generation Y change social life?
  8. The best ways to overcome the generation gap.
  9. The role of music in generation gaps.
  10. Are the generational differences a myth?

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