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110 Amazing Topics to Explore in an Opinion Essay


The very first thing to consider while writing an opinion essay is obviously its topic. There are two sides: positive and negative. The positive thing is that you may turn to something mild and one-sided. This way, you don’t need to spend much time doing the research. On the other hand, an opinion essay is still an academic assignment that demands to be written properly. All ideas you want to present in it require evidence from trustworthy academic sources. So, you will have to investigate, even if the subject is pretty easy.

Sometimes it is difficult to pick a topic right away. To get started, we present you with a few universal pieces of advice on writing an opinion essay in any discipline.

Tips on Writing an Opinion Essay

  1. Remember that the aim of an opinion essay is to persuade the readers.
  2. Avoid general topics since they are more suitable for other assignment types. Better stick to a narrow question and cover it fully.
  3. Don’t forget about the opposite opinion. Always include it not to seem opinionated.
  4. The first paragraph is the key to grab the readers’ attention. It should involve a strong perspective statement supported in a few following paragraphs.
  5. Make certain the picked topic can be upheld by facts. Any academic writing needs backup from previous academic investigations.

A List Of Over 100 Great Opinion Essay Topics On Any Subject

Now that you have an idea of selecting the right opinion essay topic, we present you with a list of our examples. To make it more comfortable for you to find, we divided them according to the disciplines. We hope you will find something special there.

Political Science Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Pros and Cons of Liberalism
  2. The Greatest Ideas to Eliminate Corruption
  3. The Efficiency of the US Foreign Policy
  4. What are the real reasons for Brexit?
  5. The Role of Parliament in my Opinion.
  6. Does the government give enough freedom to the media?
  7. Reasons for Trade War between the US and China
  8. Country security or Citizen Privacy: Which is more important?
  9. Should religious practices be controlled by the law?
  10. The Role of Media in Political Campaigns?
  11. Should Celebrities Become Politicians?
  12. What Consequences of the Cold War still Take Place in our Lives?
  13. Are Private Prisons just a Business or an Effective Way to Treat Criminals?
  14. Is it Possible to Solve International Conflicts by Negotiation?
  15. Is Law Equal for Everyone?

Environment Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Should Ecology be studied at Schools?
  2. Is Global Warming a Myth?
  3. The Advantages of Electric Cars
  4. Are the Systems of Preventing Tsunamis Effective?
  5. Is Creation Artificial Canals a Necessity or Business?
  6. Fishing Should be Controlled at all Levels.
  7. Polar Bears are the Heritage of the Whole Planet.
  8. Will Biopetrol be able to Compete with the Oil Industry?
  9. How do Mobile Networks Influence Rainforests?
  10. What are the Pitfalls of Globalization?
  11. Are the Greenpeace Activists Always Ethical?
  12. What are the Best Ways to Highlight Environmental Problems?
  13. Do the Governments Withhold Information about the Real Environmental Damage?
  14. How to Solve a Problem of Stray Animals?
  15. The Most Effective Penalization Ways for Industrial Emissions.
  16. Brands Becoming Eco-friendly: A Reality or just a Marketing Hook?
  17. Does the Chernobyl Disaster still Influence Us?
  18. What are the Best Ways of Solving the Nuclear Waste Problem?
  19. Do the National Parks have a Future?
  20. Are the Strategies of Ozone Layer Protection Effective?
  21. How to Reduce Disasters from Volcano Eruptions?
  22. The Significance of Sustainable Consumption
  23. The Influence of Climatic Changes on Coral Reefs and the Marine Environment
  24. Are the Natural Resources a Curse or Fortune?
  25. Is Chipping Animals a Necessity?

Social Media Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Should modern students rely less on the internet?
  2. Addiction to smartphone apps: myth or reality?
  3. Does social media affect the analytical element in education?
  4. Why is technological advancement dangerous?
  5. Has Twitter become a main political messenger?
  6. The best ways to protect children online.
  7. Is cyberbullying equal to bullying on the internet?
  8. Are environmental problems promoted in social media?
  9. Censorship on the internet: is it a necessity?
  10. Should internet identity theft be punished?
  11. Does social media encourage cultural bias?
  12. The influence of internet technologies on youth: positive or negative?
  13. Is having a Facebook account equal to a successful life?
  14. Internet privacy punishments: should they be stronger?
  15. Why is Twitter popular among influential people?

Education Opinion Essay Topics

  1. What are the dangers of electronic books?
  2. The advantages of distance education
  3. Are non-traditional schools adjustable to real life?
  4. Should all students learn Latin nowadays?
  5. Should students be able to select the school subjects?
  6. Religion education at schools
  7. Are gender schools effective in the 21st century?
  8. The reliability of Internet sources for scientific researches.
  9. Private schools vs. state education: Which better?
  10. Should punishment have a place at schools?
  11. Should attending college be a financial challenge?
  12. Comparison of American and German education systems
  13. What are the possible alternatives to GPA?
  14. Should sex education be a part of a school program?
  15. Are lecture classes effective for modern students?
  16. Should college education be obligatory?
  17. High-school students should have more freedom in attending classes.
  18. Are school uniforms still relevant nowadays?
  19. Should Physical Education be an obligatory subject?
  20. Should post-secondary education be free to all students?
  21. Does technology enable acquiring more knowledge and faster while studying?
  22. Is the use of games effective for primary school students?
  23. Is the game learning equally effective for adults and children?
  24. Should college and university education be free?
  25. Is the school dress code biased against female students?

Culture opinion essay topics

  1. The influence of globalization on the fashion industry
  2. The ways online communication deforms interpersonal relationships.
  3. Can graffiti be considered art?
  4. Do modern fashion trends cause eating disorders?
  5. Prejudiced attitude to pop music
  6. The phenomenon of YouTube stars
  7. Did the Internet destroy record companies?
  8. How to control music and film piracy on the Internet?
  9. The effectiveness of the anti-war culture aspect
  10. Pros and cons of online streaming
  11. The impact of political strikes on culture
  12. How do subcultures influence fashion trends?
  13. How did the principles of social respect change?
  14. The cultural values of the US
  15. Does the culture reflect the history of the nation?

Psychology Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Does Physical Education reduce anxiety?
  2. Do animals help reduce stress?
  3. The best ways to negotiate school conflicts
  4. The negative impact of diets
  5. Does meditation have a psychological effect?
  6. Should the children with disorders be separated into special classes?
  7. The negative impact of media violence
  8. Does TV propagandize phobias?
  9. Can modern role models be applied to real life?
  10. Should companies test their staff for mental disorders?
  11. How to treat people with antisocial disorders?
  12. Sleeping disorders as a result of Internet impact
  13. Teenage anorexia and social media
  14. The effect of panic attacks on mental health
  15. Hyperactivity disorder among children

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