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65 Best Political Science Research Topics For Students


Are you about to write political science research and don’t know what topic to choose? You’ve got into the right place! We are going to provide some tips on selecting a topic and a list of the best political science research topics for students that will fit every assignment from high school essays to dissertation topics.

Firstly, political science is an extensive subject that encompasses many spheres. Writing in this field may be challenging and time-consuming, especially if you want to come up with your own topic. And here is our solution. Make sure your political science research topic fits the points below.

How to Pick the Right Political Science Research Topic?

  • Background. While selecting an issue to investigate that relates to politics, make sure it has enough context and facts to rely on while writing. Avoid the opinionated issues that have only one viewpoint. Be sure you can clearly research the topics from various points of view.
  • Previous investigations. It would be extremely beneficial to read articles written by trustworthy analysts. Get acquainted with the issues highlighted in these articles and see how they are treated by well-known and reliable scientists. If an issue you picked wasn’t researched properly in the past, we don’t recommend choosing it.
  • Narrow up. There are numerous branches in political science. Each of them has a unique concept and approach to use while researching. Define the branch you are most interested in and select a topic inside it.

5 Things to include and 5 things to avoid in a political science research

Here are some must-haves to involve in your research to get a higher grade:

  • Always write the opposing opinion or counterargument before moving on to the summarizing part.
  • Provide background from reliable academic sources.
  • Utilize the recent statistics and data to advocate your arguments and ideas.
  • Investigate the literature related to the issue thoroughly.
  • One paragraph should consist of only one idea. 

Avoid doing these things to improve the overall quality of your research:

  • While dealing with sensitive subjects, avoid using rough language.
  • Don’t represent the problem from only one side unless it is related to a personal issue.
  • Be neutral and objective while talking about governmental parties. This way, the readers can analyze and define the pros and cons themselves.
  • No need to quote the works of other authors too much; express your own thoughts.
  • Avoid using colloquialisms and slang.

Branches of Political Science

Here are the main branches of political theory to consider while selecting a narrower area for investigation:

  • Comparative Politics is rather a practical branch that deals with comparative investigation methods. It encompasses such spheres as organization and establishment of various political institutions, domestic politics, and various conflicts. If you decide to select the research topic in comparative politics, pay more attention to the methods you want to utilize that to the subject itself.
  • International Relations focus on the interactions between the different actors in the international arena. They investigate the occurring conflicts, controversies, and the ways of their resolutions. While conducting research in this branch, make sure the sources you use are trustworthy and not one-sided.
  • Philosophy as a part of political science deals with such fundamental notions as liberty, government, justice, etc. Most researches are focused on the way society is organized and various phenomena.
  • Public Administration studies governmental structures, public administrations, state agencies, and their key roles and importance. It has much in common with the social sphere.

Now let’s move on to our list of original political science research topics. We hope you will find something great for you.

Original Political Science Research Topics

 Comparative Politics

  1. Germany vs. France Foreign Policies
  2. The Chinese Communist Ideology
  3. Regional vs. National Governance: Comparison
  4. Design and Implementation of International Treaties
  5. Main Approaches to Governmental Party Comparison
  6. Democratic Party Hierarchy
  7. Different Monarchy Models: Detailed Comparison
  8. The Influence of Social Media on Politics
  9. The Soviet Union Governmental System
  10. Differences between Governmental Systems in the USA and the UK

International Relations

  1. The Globalization and Anti-Globalization Tendencies
  2. The Influence of Brexit on the Relations between the UK and Europe
  3. The Foreign Policies of Japan and China: Comparative Analysis
  4. Main Approaches to the Theory of International Relations
  5. Human Rights in Post-Soviet Countries
  6. Transnational Approach to Patriotism
  7. The Phenomena of Neo-Globalization
  8. Hostages Negotiations in Foreign Countries
  9. The United Nations’ Anti-Nuclear Program
  10. The Cold War and its Impact on Modern Politics


  1. Liberal Approaches in Education
  2. Existentialism in Western Constitutional Law
  3. Main Ethics of Election Principles
  4. Tolerance in Politics as a Result of Modern Approaches
  5. The Increase of Citizen Initiative as a Modern Phenomenon
  6. The Pluralism Philosophy and its Impact on Governments
  7. The Result of Celebrities Participation in Political Campaigns
  8. Liberalism vs. Feminism
  9. The Influence of Feminists on Political Parties
  10. Capitalism and Socialism in Post-Soviet Countries

Public Administration

  1. The Principles of Community Development
  2. The Influence of Non-profit Organizations
  3. Coordinating the Government Operation
  4. The Innovations of the Private Sector in Europe
  5. Public Safety Advantages
  6. Emergency Management in the US
  7. New Approaches to Environmental Management
  8. Strategic Planning as an Integral Part of Financial Management
  9. New Constitutional Visions in the US
  10. New Approaches to the Human Resource Management

Political Arguments Topics

Here are a few controversial topics related to the disputable issues in present-day politics. Conducting research on them may be more tricky than on previous ones, but it is a great chance for a student of any level to apply all the gained investigation skills.

  1. Conflict Resolution in Politics: Diplomacy or War?
  2. Are Nuclear Weapons Necessary or just a Precautionary Measure?
  3. A Third World War: Is it Possible?
  4. Same-sex marriages: How to Treat them on the Governmental Level?
  5. Presidential or Parliamentary Governmental Systems: Comparison.
  6. Security or Privacy: Which is more Significant?
  7. A Portrait of Ideal Government Leaders of the 21st century: What should they be like?
  8. Is it Possible to Eradicate Corruption?
  9. Is Political Conflict a Deliberate Decision of just a Failed Relation between Countries?
  10. Are Revolutions the Best Way to Solve Political Issues?

Trending Political Topics in 2021

If you still haven’t picked one of the topics, we recommend you to pay attention to this list of the hottest political issues in 2021. Political science research conducted on these topics allows you to apply your theoretical knowledge to everyday life. It will definitely stand out among the others and draw attention.

  1. The influence of COVID-19 Pandemic on International Relations
  2. The Problem of Rising Terrorism in Africa
  3. The Increasing Tense in the Relations between the US and Iran
  4. The Trade Competition between China and the US
  5. Migration as a Result of Changes in Climate
  6. Russia’s Aggression in Ukraine: How Long will the War in Donbas Last?
  7. The Problem of Mexican Immigrants
  8. The Influence of Social Media on Protests
  9. The Political Frauds during the Presidential Election in Belarus
  10. New Approaches to Consumerism in Asian Countries
  11. The Impact of Australian Bushfires on Economy
  12. Civil War Characteristics and Reasons
  13. Bias in Social Media Political News
  14. New Negotiating Methods during the Conflicts
  15. The Peculiarities of Negotiating for Pirate Hostages

Here is our list of the best topics for political science research. Hopefully, we have your insight on how to write proper research, and you found the perfect topic from our list.

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