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How To Start An Essay With A Quote?


Maybe it will be your personal decision or a strict recommendation of your teacher, but sooner or later you will have to include a quote in writing. Usually, when you are doing it somewhere in the middle of the text, the process seems not as difficult as when it should characterize the main idea and be included in the very beginning.

As a rule, this quote should be either a well-known phrase or at least an expression of a popular writer or celebrity. This could not be just a random sentence; it should contain something meaningful and share a life experience or some kind of wisdom. That’s why the right choice of the quote will show not only your general knowledge but also prove that you are a skilful speaker or writer in some way.

If you want to improve your academic grades, just review this article. You will get all the needed recommendations together with some practical pieces of advice that you can start using right away.

What To Start From When Writing An Essay?

Usually, the first thing which stops us from writing a usual text is a lack of certain skills and fear of mistakes. That is a rather normal thing, and there is no need to bother about these troubles too much. The only thing which you should keep in mind is to persuade a reader or at least share your point of view. You don’t need to create a masterpiece and have ideal writing with no mistakes. Forget about these idealistic thoughts, and you will start writing right away.

If this idea doesn’t help, then you can find lots of online professional writing services where you can order proofreading, editing, or even the entire writing process. In this way, you won’t have any problems whatsoever, just leave a list of requirements and wait for the final result. However, if you really want to try and create this essay by yourself, then you can totally cope with this task.

The first recommendation which you should keep in mind – the beginning is crucial. There are lots of different options to start from, such as an introductory question, a general idea, or a quote. It doesn’t matter what choice is the most suitable one, but you should try to intrigue a reader with the chosen idea.

A person who is reviewing your text should feel the necessity of this information. That’s why the best possible choice for persuading in the meaningfulness of your writing is by using a quote.

Tips About How To Start An Essay With A Quote

The best possible recommendations here will be to think about your own preferences and likes. Take some time and make a list of films, books, or games that you have recently watched, read, or played. Most likely, you will find some tricks which made you choose this or that option. Good advertising is something that you will never pay attention to. The same is with your writing. Create this invisible hook that can attract the readers, and a proper quote is definitely the best possible choice.

Here are some additional recommendations for you if you are planning to use a quote at the beginning of your writing:

  • Choose only the phrase that correlates with your topic and main idea of an essay. Except for this, you should also pay attention to the tone of the writing. If you are planning to stick to a formal style, then you’d better choose to use something appropriate. For instance, a humorous saying won’t be appropriate in such a situation. Think about writers who were or are working in the same style that you are planning to recreate and review their writing. A usual dictionary quote is no longer interesting for the readers;
  • Think about the audience. If you are planning to write a niche essay that is tightly connected with a certain subject or discipline, then you’d better use a quote that is familiar for people who are into this topic. And vice versa, an essay without a specific theme that is oriented on any reader should not include anything extravagant and unclear. This thing may be easily determined, just take some time and think about your audience;
  • Fill in the information about your source. In any case, you should specify the type of material which you have used, whether it is a proverb, legend, or a phrase of a famous writer. The citation style may be varied depending on the requirements that you have for the style of writing. If you don’t have any serious recommendations, you still need to clarify this with your teacher in order not to make some minor mistakes.
  • Connect the quote with the topic of the essay. When you fill in a short phrase at the beginning, it doesn’t mean that all readers should immediately connect it with the content of your essay. It is high-recommended to explain the connection right away, so don’t skip this important part.

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Using Quotes At The Begging Of An Essay?

As a rule, when we hear about a task, we immediately start questioning – how to cope with it. That’s why, usually we ask – how to start an essay with a quote, but rarely think about some drawbacks that can be connected with this process. To help you clarify both pluses and minuses, let’s deep into this topic a little bit more.

Benefits of this quote writing:

  • it attracts the reader’s attention right away. Unprofessional writers and students without enough skills can use this method as the most successful one, and it is quite obvious. It is almost impossible to impress readers without proper practice;
  • a reader will most likely argue with the idea of the inexperienced student rather than with a famous writer or celebrity. So you are almost forcing him/her to agree with the main idea of your essay without reviewing it;
  • with the help of this method, you can easily set a needed tone for your writing. Just one famous phase and you will only need to follow this pass without any detailed information and explanation of the topic.


  • there are some awkward situations when one quote will make average writing worse than it really is. It might be extremely difficult to continue writing in this style without any mistakes;
  • you may waste lots of time prior to finding the right quote for your essay. This process is definitely time-consuming;
  • most really powerful quotes have been already used by someone and discussed a lot. That’s why the essay may be really stereotypical and standard even if you have managed to cope with everything by yourself. Just keep that in mind!

Some Major Mistakes When Using Quote In An Essay

Probably the most usual mistake that every student might face is choosing any random quiet and then writing an essay. Yes, this strategy will most likely take less time and effort, but the final result won’t be as professional as you want. It is better to think about your major topic, make a plan of your writing, and only then choose a proper quote. In such a way, your essay will be interesting with its unique idea. Don’t hurry up and you certainly find the best phase which will perfectly correlate with your ideas, but not on the contrary.

There is no need to use a whole sentence if it is too long. Such a quote will bore a reader more than anything else and won’t create an intriguing manner. You may use only a part of a great saying, and that will characterize your ideal the most.

One more mistake that most students make is connected with too harsh decisions. Usually, when you find a great phase that totally connects with the writing, you don’t search for further information or the context of this sentence.

You are just using this quote in an essay. However, you’d better conduct some minor research on this topic, in what situation it was initially used, how other people can interpret it, and way more. Otherwise, you can be in a strange situation when your readers will expect to review an essay with a certain style and idea, and you have misunderstood something and used this phase for totally the opposite situation. That will be definitely strange and unusual.

Probably, after reviewing all these recommendations and tips, you might think that quoting is an extremely difficult and tiring process. However, that is not true, and you can totally cope with this task as with usual essay writing just be a little bit more prepared and use professional assistance if needed. There are so many platforms that can help you with your ideas and their implementation into the essay. Take time, don’t hurry up with writing, and you will certainly create a great text!

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