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Debate Topics for All Disciplines

Debate Topics for All Disciplines

Students are proactive and enthusiastic when an issue needs to be discussed. They are thought to constitute the elite of our society. Thus, they are the first to speak out to the general public. Universities encourage the movement and provide their trainees with the opportunity to have their voices heard. The debates are what we call the stage for anyone to share their views and advocate for them. When debating, you face with the opposite idea and its defender. This way, you need to invoke your active and passive vocabulary, logical thinking, and your personal charm, for sure. It sounds scary, but practice will make it perfect.

An argumentative speech is the carcass of any debate. The art of a sounding and convincing conversation can be achieved through practice. Debates are held for any reason, so you can see it in your school, college, university, or any speaking club where people come to fight for their ideas. There is no point to mention the importance of the debates, as we know the truth emerge merely from the clash of ideas.

Nevertheless, today’s world is full of controversies that are to be discussed, and the debates have become familiar to us, the art of it is still vague sometimes. Let’s shed the light on the issue and prepare for a victorious debate speech together.

Perfect Your Knowledge in the Subject

To make sure the debate will not disappoint the listeners you need to think over the topic. Usually, the event sets the mood for the conversation. Thus, what you need is simply adjust your matter of interest to the previously set topic. When you are pressed for time, and making research on a new phenomenon is not beneficial, resort to things you feel confident talking about. Furthermore, use our short guide to frame your thoughts and present them coherently.

  1. State clearly your point of view. Debates are focused on thought-provoking topics. Thus, your thesis should be created thoroughly. Make sure the statement corresponds to the concept broad enough so that you can easily develop your train of thought in various directions depending on the mode of the conversation.
  2. Your speech has to be consistent and meaningful. Therefore, the list of persuasive arguments must be present in your written text. It will help you overcome the fear of having nothing to say.
  3. Don’t forget about the evidence. The debate is not a regular performance of your viewpoints. The opponent will do his best to make you sound tentative. Thus, you need to have a list of sources used while preparing your research to address them.
  4. Counter arguments are of the same importance, as you will have to interact with the opponent. Moreover, understanding what your opponent stands for can be beneficial for your own knowledge of the topic.
  5. Be sure to consider the way you start and finish your speech. The audience can’t overlook these parts, for sure.

Note that the topic has to fit your level of consciousness and be appealing to the target audience. If you are 13 and want to talk about politics, your participation in the debates can be a total failure. Firstly, you are probably not mature enough to discuss issues concerning the wellbeing of the country. Secondly, even if you are a great fan of the political scene, your classmates can be totally indifferent to the topic.

Thus, resort to the problems of your school or college generation. This way you will win the attention easily.

Another point of concern is your passion for the case. If your eyes are light up when you discuss the issue, you can choose it to perform while debating. Remember, that the closer the topic is to your everyday life problems the more appealing it will be for the listeners. They will be attentive to what you say because the findings from the conversation can probably help them and definitely be useful.

Choose a Victorious Topic

When you have no idea about the message to convey or you simply need some inspiration, turn to WriteMyPapers4Me’s list of controversial debate topics of any kind. Each section corresponds to a separate block of questions or statements.

Education System

  • What are the benefits of private schools? Do they stand out among the public ones?
  • Regular educational institutions do not always beat the privatized colleges.
  • The security system in schools and colleges is not flawless.
  • Do we need to pay for education?
  • Is it compulsory to get a university diploma in today’s fast-pacing world?
  • What is the role of religion in the process of fostering children?

Social Life

  • Is it ethical to prevent women from abortion?
  • Can euthanasia be justified?
  • Is it possible to raise the living standards with the salaries being increased?
  • The cultural borders between the nations are blurring, so is it necessary to be patriotic?
  • Will mobile devices completely overshadow printed sources of information?
  • Is it nature-friendly using the perks of technological advancement to create designer babies?

The state of the environment

  • Is it possible to get the climate balance back in place?
  • Has vegetarianism become more than just diet?
  • Conservation areas and zoos: are they the same?
  • Is plastic our enemy?
  • The future of our nature is in the hand of our scientists: is it true?
  • Can ordinary people contribute to the rescue operation to keep the climate balance at the rate?

Political life

  • Can the politicians deny freedom of speech?
  • The modern world and ways to establish the social order: is monarchy the best system for running a country?
  • Electoral campaign: the politicians should take the money for the fulfillment of their promises from their own pockets.
  • Citizens do not follow the rules of the basic regulatory documents.
  • Social media prevalence: do we need to have the political leaders present in our Instagram account?

Parental Care

  • Smartphones to fill spare time: parents ruin the childhood of their kids with their own hands.
  • Can parents impose their own will when choosing a career for a child?
  • Do children need some support and protection from their parents?
  • Tots surveillance: is it ethical to monitor the activity of the kids on the Internet?
  • Raising a child in a one-parent family: should parents reject the divorce for the good of the children?
  • Early pregnancy: who is to blame?


  • Is it nature-friendly to use hybrid cars?
  • Do we become lonelier with an intensive advance in technology?
  • The introduction of designer babies: do we need this notion?
  • We ruin the planet with our own hands: how technologies affect the Earth.
  • We do not keep up with the appearance of technological novelties: what can it result in?
  • Can we befriend the aliens: the exploration of the space.

Health issues

  • The use of antibiotics in modern medicine: are they still effective in curing the diseases?
  • Do we have to require the healthcare system to be completely free?
  • State monopoly: do we need to have our hospitals decentralized and become autonomous?
  • Vaccination is a universal personal right.
  • The use of VR devices and the implementation of artificial intelligence into medical practice.
  • Conventional medicine and its effectiveness in comparison with recent treatment methods.

Spare time

  • Do we benefit from video games?
  • Women elevate their creativity with more enthusiasm.
  • Why does summer vacation make students happier than the free time they have in winter?
  • Reasonable spare time to provide effective working hours.
  • We don’t have to ask for a vacation: a good lunchtime will substitute the need to rest.
  • Quality leisure time: we need to turn off our smartphones and socialize.

Controversial issues

  • Gender roles: how far are the extremists ready to go in the pursuit of their beliefs?
  • Parents have to stop telling their children the stories before bed: their reality can become perverted someday.
  • Healthy lifestyle: the latest fashion or simple self-care and self-love manifestation?
  • Mental diseases or other behavioral deviations stem from childhood traumas.
  • The notion of the gap year: do students need to take a break from the studying process and travel around the world?
  • Under-age marriage: can we constitute it as a manifestation of real love?

Participating in debates can be stressful from different perspectives. You don’t know what to expect from the opponents. You have no idea if there will be any support from the audience. Thus, preparing for the performance is necessary to provide the listeners with reasonable responses and arguments. Therefore, Creative debate topics will surely be of use.

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