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Follow The Main Trends in Argumentative Essay Topics

Follow The Main Trends in Argumentative Essay Topics

Controversial topics are preferred issues for the professors when an argumentative essay has to be written. Not all the issues are applicable to the writing, as they have to ring the bell and be thought-provoking. Usually, the core message is the deviation from the commonly accepted social rules. Thus, the sensor can address ethical and moral grounding:

  • Homosexual minorities among the social strata;
  • Gender roles, feminism;
  • Staunchest advocates of religious groups;
  • Taboos, etc.

Let’s Look into the Argumentative Topics Together

If you want to take the challenge and share your opinion on the topic, look through the following list and try to get some inspiration for the essay.

Family relationships

Our family influences our personal development. The way we communicate with family members can have a direct impact on our experience of the world. Moreover, this aspect is substantial in researching deviations in behavior at different stages of our development.

Family is the first place for traditional values to be set and honored. However, with the appearance and recognition of LGBT communities, as well as extremes in the distribution of gender roles, these values have undergone a dramatic shift. Thus, the questions should definitely be raised.

  1. Homosexual families: do they have a right to foster a child and instill the same values in children?
  2. Young mothers: is it possible to curve a career or baby-sitting is the only option for them?
  3. Family leisure-time: what is the most beneficial way to spend spare time together?
  4. Should we take into account the desire of children if the parents are recognized incompetent and therefore deprived of parental rights?
  5. Raising bilingual children: possible dangerous.
  6. Are parents allowed to force for maintaining the discipline?

Social milieu

We live in a world where our personal space is limited by social attitudes. We cannot manifest ourselves interfering with the privacy of others. Thus, we need to learn how to interact with each other and find ways to reach a compromise. surroundings define the way we behave and communicate with this world. Parents, teachers, and friends, as well as enemies and strangers, are those people who form our attitude to life in general. However, there are misunderstandings here and there, and they tend to disrupt the social fabric of society. Therefore, miscommunication can lead to drastic conflicts between social groups or even communities.

As you can see, here we have lots of things to discuss.

  1. Do mothers-to-be have the right for an abortion or does it have to be forbidden?
  2. The suicide has become a common way out for those struggling with mental disorders. Can we approve it or not?
  3. Illegal immigrants/refugees and the way governments treat the issue.
  4. The role of religion in the modern world and how it affects the rising generation?
  5. Should the unemployed be on the dole or they have to search for the job to make ends meet?
  6. What measures can we take to prevent criminals from going wild on the loose?

Ethical groundings

Societies are ruled with the help of laws. It provides peace and social order between the citizens. Also, we cannot go without it as any arrangement has to be conducted properly. It would be wrong to think that creating a set of moral rules can solve the problems of today’s world. We are too much excited about the shifts in the economy, technological progress, and science so that a written rule can barely stop us from acting. We are becoming more arrogant towards others. Thus, there are things to settle.

  1. Doctor-patient confidentiality: can doctors discuss the details of the disease with others?
  2. Do we need to have additional quotas for the students from any kind of minorities?
  3. Hunters are losing their job: hunting is thought to be cruel.
  4. Do we need to keep the secrets from others if they failed to do it?
  5. Permit for the gun: is it the way to protect or entertain oneself?
  6. The legalization of prostitution: does it interfere with moral attitudes?


When jotting down an argumentative essay on this topic you have to narrow down the general theme to some specific phenomena. With the development of science, now we can discuss not merely the conventional treatment and our medical condition, but the implementation of technological advancement in the process of treatment.

  1. The question of free healthcare has been on agenda for years: is it necessary?
  2. What is the difference between private and public medical facilities?
  3. Is it ethical to experiment on people for checking a new drug?
  4. How has technology influenced the healthcare system?
  5. Can we trust our life to a doctor without a diploma?
  6. Plastic surgery is growing in demand: what to do with the tendency?


Educational institutions form the rising generation. The studying process is needed not merely to get some knowledge. We have to attend classes to communicate and learn how to adjust to various stressful situations. Moreover, it helps us to tolerate others.

  1. The differences between education systems and approaches in different countries?
  2. The role of family: do parents need to help their children resolve the conflicts or they have to pass it on the kids?
  3. Do teachers need to praise their A-students?
  4. Sport in the education system: do we have to combine academic life with the sports?
  5. Tests can discourage students and unedge their divergent thinking: how to cope with it and allow students to be creative?

Foreign affairs

The tendency for globalization depicts the blurring of international borders. Countries pursue peaceful policies to reach compromises. However, it doesn’t mean that states reject their privacy. The situation in some cases is still tense. The reasons are clear: governments fight for dominance over the others, and international treaties are not always helpful. Therefore, they need to work together to settle the situation.

  1. Does The European Union start losing its power?
  2. Brexit: what are the reasons and will it lead to the breakdown of political communities?
  3. What if European political alliances expand in other parts of the continent?
  4. The process of impeachment: how should the politicians treat it?
  5. Terrorism has become a common issue for Russia and the USA: what steps should be done to guarantee safety?
  6. Ukrainian conflict: how does the country benefit from the foreign states’ help?

Technological progress

The development of science entails the creation of novelties that are implemented in different areas of our life. Some people adore the upcoming changes, while others reject them.

  1. Do we have to fear the era of robots?
  2. With the advent of technology, which was meant to put people closer, we feel lonely instead.
  3. The use of technology in the process of studying: does it help the students or they are too much distracted?
  4. We are getting less interested in socializing in general as real-life communication is substituted with mobile devices.
  5. Scientific progress in cloning: is it ethical regarding the effects of the procedure?
  6. Can we reach the tipping point in developing new devices and where is the final line for it?

Social media

It all started with simple but funny memes, and now social media represents the whole era of influencers trying to attract the attention of users.

Today people can profit from the social media platforms as they are thought to be a place to find a job, sell your product or suggest a service.

The desire to share news and emotions has evolved into a hunger for money and fame. Technology interferes with social media life and placed its lasting mark on the industry as well.

  1. Do we need to establish time limitations for children regarding their online activity?
  2. Politics in social media milieu: how do politicians become famous with the spread of funny pictures depicting their flaws?
  3. Instagram as a platform for publicity campaigns: online marketing is growing rapidly.
  4. Social taboos: mass media is trying to break the old narratives and make people talk about previously embarrassing topics.
  5. Social media impact on teenagers: do they draw inspiration from the pictures or get depressed because of the perfect and unachievable life?
  6. Today’s trendsetters rule the world’s fashion industry through their accounts on the Internet.


People need to spice up their lives so the reality doesn’t look that dull. Thus, intriguing issues come in handy and amuse the interlocutors.

  1. Do we benefit from watching funny videos?
  2. Why are children mostly scared of clowns?
  3. Be polite: simple ways to say NO on a date.
  4. Pranks are becoming critical: is it hype that forces people to tease each other?
  5. Why do we look down when there is a chance to make eye contact with an acquaintance?
  6. Why do workers lie to their administration? Inventive examples of a white lie.

Have you found the topic of interest? We hope our guide was beneficial to you and helped you find the inspiration for an essay.

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