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How to Write an Outline for a Research Paper

How to Write an Outline for a Research Paper in a Right Way

Every new research paper is a real call for a student. This task requires to pay a lot of attention to each part of your work. But the most uncomfortable situation happens if you are not keen on the exact type of writing which you must prepare in short times, for instance, an outline for a research paper. So, first of all, it is recommended to find out the theory of writing paper, and only after this step to type the content.

The outline is one of traditional academic assignment. The paper is really short, but it doesn’t simplify your task. Its task is to review statements according to current evidence from available printed or electronic sources. What does it mean for an average student? That you must collect numerous primary and secondary articles, analyze them, use important information, and do not stack in tons of data.

Besides, academic sources are not the only one requirement for writing paper which can get a high mark. Professors and tutors value when a student uses personal points of view, own arguments, and additional content to prove own work. According to must students’ polls, this part is tough to make even if you have enough time.

Let’s see a simple example: the future statesman or bureaucrat must know numerous human sciences to use his knowledge in making decisions. Very soon this student may work for millions of people to satisfy their needs in social, economic, cultural, and other spheres. So it is a common situation when you may get a task to write about World War II. Can you imagine how many resources includes your topic? So don’t ignore your paperworks and find out more about creating outlines.

What is an Outline for a Research Paper?

Outline is a plan for your future paperwork. It contains a complex of elements depending on APA and MLA requirements. This ‘blueprint’ helps students to organize their paper, thoughts, ideas, and desires in writing. Remember that great outline can make your research paper more efficient and successful. Here is the list of common requirements:

  • In general, this paperwork requires 3-5 page in A4 format. Such amount is considered to be quite small, but it doesn’t reduce the time you must spend on making your job.
  • It is also important to use Roman numerals and letters to structure your outlines and thesis. For instance, Roman numerals are often used to mark introduction, conclusion, and other ‘heavy’ parts of your plan.
  • You should use in your outlines not only study material, but also additional sources. For instance, articles from the internet, notes from library, etc. But the most important part is no choosing relevant information to your topic.

Well, it is fair to say that outline is not so difficult as dissertation or term papers. In general, the main task of your outlines and research paper is to demonstrate your point of view and important ideas to target audience. But of course you wouldn’t be able to write outlines as easy as text on Facebook. By numerous reasons freshmen in college or university are not ready to write such complete and structured work. They have an opportunity to order outlines and do not have any troubles with that part of student life. In this case your paperwork will be absolutely great no matter the formatting type and topic you have ordered. Such an approach also guarantees that you will not face problems when professor gives you a bad mark or even refuse to accept outlines.

No matter what your decision is – to write an outline for yourself or order paper at specialized company, – it is highly recommended to know more about process of writing. Such information will be very helpful for both students and young teachers. So don’t ignore the main guidelines to be aware.

Research Paper Outline Structure

The structure of outline depends on exact rules which are used to estimate your paperwork. In general, it is the same to every other college papers and includes introduction, body, and conclusions. It is really common, but to make the detailed job you should know more advices about each part of outlines.


This is so important part so you can’t even imagine. Several professors can read only introductions to mark your work in general. This part demonstrates your topic and your desires in the future paperwork. As a result, if you are not able to attract people’s attention with introduction then hardly you can believe in getting high mark.

In introduction the writer should talk about his essential statements, explain the importance of the topic he had chosen, mention the meaning of the main terms in outlines and the paper body.


This is the biggest part of your paperwork and the most essential massive of writing. This part has no choice but must contain a lot of professional and personal thoughts of yours about mentioned issue. The main problem in writing this part is the understanding of its powers. None introduction or conclusion can affect so much on the final impress of your writing.

In this part you must use all the arguments you have found before. No matter what is the origin of your statements but try to mention and explain all of them on the main part of outlines.

It is highly important to add the literature overview to the body of your paperwork. It is great to use thoughts of classical representatives of this problem and their explanation. Use all sources you have found and explain the value of each one for describing this topic. Never forget about the importance of different methods of getting and analyzing the information.

As a result, the body part will demonstrate how you can find, use, and operate with any kind of information. Even if you have a practical specialization the theory, terms, history, and other parts of research are really important. The student will be able to show how he can use professional and personal thoughts about the current situation.

With the proper methods and used literature you should present the results of your future paperwork. It should contain the most important thoughts and demonstrate the audience the whole meaning of your job.


Remember one thing: if you haven’t a strong conclusion then you did your work for nothing. This part demonstrates that you did a great job and wouldn’t stop till having results. Don’t hesitate your conclusion even if you made your introduction and main body at the highest level.

The conclusion consist of several parts:

  • Summary of arguments. You should collect the most powerful statements to ensure your readers about your thoughts. Don’t overdo yourself to make your professional believe in your points of view, but try to save your ideas.
  • Call to action. This part belongs to the very end of your paperwork, but have a lot of influence. It provokes numerous minds in your readers’ heads and means to make them do exact actions. Implement important things to this call to action part to motivate people make what you want and think what you like.

This structure is very general. All part of it contains additional elements which mean a lot for professors to estimate your outlines. If you are not sure in own plan or want to get better result it is really recommended to refresh your knowledge or deliver this job to professionals.

Useful tips to write paper outlines

Before you start to write your outlines it is recommended to make exact actions. Among them are the following:

  • to choose appropriate topic. Make sure to work on actual problem but don’t take that sphere you are not strong enough at;
  • to collect impressive arguments. This step includes respectable thoughts of famous authors and researches, statistics, facts, examples, and of course fresh data about your topic;
  • to add personal opinion. The paperwork with author’s ideas doesn’t deserve high mark. So always add something own to define the brand identity of your outlines;
  • organize your time. To make your task in time it is highly important to define your leisure and working hours. Organize your time for different parts of outline and be sure to finish the paperwork in time;

– review own work and make comments. Try to finish your outlines several days before the deadline. In such case you will have time to review your paper and correct mistakes or weak parts. Usually students miss average misprints or improper formatting.

To make your perfect outlines you can do it by on own or ask a professional writer to help. Be sure that experts at writemypapers4me will create high-quality paperwork outline with any topic!

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