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500 Words Essay Writing – What To Concentrate On?


Probably the most standard form of writing that you will be asked to write while in college is 500 words’ essay. When generally discussing this type of writing, such assignments aren’t considered to be the most challenging ones. They are standard, and usually, most students easily cope with them.

Nevertheless, every rule has an exception, for instance, a really complicated topic or extreme tiredness may stop you from starting this easy task. Or you just don’t have such an experience before and are afraid to make lots of mistakes. If you are related to any of the mentioned groups, then here in the article, you will certainly find a couple of great recommendations about how to complete 500 words essay writing.

Before discussing all the little details about the writing process and some general peculiarities, let’s start with one major piece of advice. If you feel like you don’t have enough energy even to start working on these tasks and nothing will help you, then ask for professional assistance.

There is nothing shameful or strange in asking for assistance or even paying for it. There are so many websites where you can easily purchase any type of essay in less than a couple of seconds. Don’t neglect this opportunity in case your situation is really challenging and overwhelming with other tasks.

If you have enough time, then let’s continue reading this article, and you will get all the needed information about the writing process and how to cope with it by yourself.

How Many Pages The Essay Should Consist

Usually, such questions that are relating to the number of pages or other minor recommendations are asked by those students who are extremely overwhelmed and don’t know what to start with. The only major focus of your attention should be connected with the quality, your ideas. Only with such understanding, you will successfully complete 500 words essay writing.

If you still want to hear the answer to this question – everything depends on the format of your document. For instance, this number is tightly connected with spacing between the paragraphs and words. Here you will also need to follow the requirements for the formatting which were given by your teacher. Usually, the essay is a little bit longer than one page and a half, but as you understood, this is not the precise answer.

You’d better review all the needed standards and requirements towards the format prior to writing so you will be prepared and know every little detail. Also, don’t forget that more words than initially mentioned limitations is as bad as not reaching the needed number and writing less.

How To Start With 500 Words Essay Writing?

Before starting this project, try to forget about all the fears and challenges, but mainly concentrate on the idea that you want to share with your readers. The more time you will waste on useless thoughts and ideas about the difficulty of this process, the less time you will have for actually productive work.

First of all, you should take some time and think about an appropriate topic for your essay. As a rule, students are given a list of topics that you may choose your theme from, that’s why it may greatly simplify the writing. However, don’t get too excited and spend some time before you pick the relevant topic, but not any random one from the offered list. If you are not having any boundaries and could write absolutely anything, then you will certainly spend much time on the choice of the theme.

Proper preparation needs to be done both before the writing and the choice of the theme. Otherwise, you may be in a situation when you don’t have enough interesting materials even for the completion of such short writing. After a short review of available literature and ideas, you can settle on the best possible variant for your special case.

The following crucial step is gathering all the relevant materials and reviewing them. Don’t hurry up at this stage and spend as much time as you need for the full understanding of the topic and creating your personal understanding of it.

A Detailed Instruction About The Essay Writing

To make the process of writing easier, it is highly recommended to spend some time on an outline of an essay. It is extremely important if you are writing such a project for the first time. This general skeleton is not a fixed set of rules, and you can easily change and modify whatever you need doing the writing process. So, don’t be afraid to change your idea a little bit during the creative flow of your mind.

Once finished with the outline, you can start to write an introduction of an essay. This part should not be too long and include only major information, such as the subject of your writing. Be as specific as possible and include only fundamental information that you will discuss further in the text.

Except for the usual and a rather standard context, it will be great to intrigue a reader so that he/she will continue reading your essay. An appealing introduction is the best possible choice for success.

The main body of the composition is certainly the concentration of all the thoughts and ideas that you have been planning to share. This section should be the biggest one and the most informative. Divide this part into a needed number of paragraphs and include only reliable information.

The conclusion of 500 words essay writing is usually neglected because all the efforts are put into the beginning and main part. Nevertheless, if you want to create a great academic text, you should create a good summing up as well. Don’t use any kind of new arguments or data in this part, simply sum up everything that was discussed in the main body.

Usually, students think that the structure and absence of mistakes are the only major recommendations for a great academic text. However, it is not a complete truth, and there are lots of other additional things that you should keep in mind during the writing process. The most important part here is the style of your essay. If you don’t have enough skills and your own writing style, the only appropriate decision will be to rely on a descriptive manner of writing, but at the same time add something intriguing and juicy for the readers.

One more great recommendation is to complete an essay and start its proofreading later on. If you review your composition immediately after its completion, you will most likely miss lots of mistakes just because you will be too tired for such a type of work. Return to its reviewing at least several hours later, and you will certainly cope with the task. Also, you may ask someone to double-check your composition if there is such a chance.

The last, but not the least thing to remember is plagiarism. There are lots of online services where you can easily and quickly check your essay for the level of plagiarism. Some of them are paid once, but you may also find a couple of good free resources. Of course, your text should not be 100 percent unique and include only brand-new ideas, but it should be formulated in your own manner and style. Paraphrase some cliché sentences that you have found online, but don’t claim that it is your own idea.

How Long Will It Take To Write An Essay?

This is probably the most frequently asked question because most students have really lots of tasks and they should at least minimally plan when and how to cope with this task. The research process and the choice of the topic is probably the most unpredictable part because you never know how creativity will change your initial direction.

As for the writing itself, on average, it will take you something around an hour and a half or 2 hours. During this period of time, it is possible to write, proofread, and re-check everything. However, this time is relevant only if you have completed your research and planned the structure of the text.

Summing Up

As you see, 500 words essay writing is not as difficult as might seem at first. You just need a little bit of practice and preparation of the relevant material for your composition. So, don’t waste your time any longer, and start writing your essay right away. The sooner you will start the more time you will have for proofreading and checking for plagiarism.

If this assignment is too overwhelming, then don’t forget about the professional assistance of experienced writers that you can easily find online. Just a couple of seconds and you can chat with the most professional writers who can check, proofread, or even write your essay for a reasonable sum of money.

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