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Let’s Work On Problem Solution Essay Writing Together


The new academic year has begun. Lots of students came back to their auditoriums to soak new knowledge and practice forgotten skills. A new year of studying is a whole new journey. It is always an interesting and breathtaking experience. You never know what challenges and tasks will be on your way to a successful academic performance. Nonetheless, this is an intriguing journey that starts now.

The new academic year is a new chance to become more proficient in various disciplines and subject matters. This is time to make research and investigate subject-related issues. Gaining experience, every student investigates new ways of expressing the thoughts. If you are a freshman, you are most likely going to write a simple essay with a basic structure. But with years of studying, you gain experience and, thus, new skills in academic writing. Simple essays become irrelevant, and more complex papers replace them.

Narrating a topic can be different. You can make use of an argumentative or persuasive essay. It mostly depends on the subject type and the initial requirements. There are different essay writing types. Each of them serves a particular purpose and is aimed at a specific goal. Before committing yourself to write, you need to decide on the purpose of the paper, its basic goals, and value. Today we’re going to discuss how to deal with a problem-solution essay.

Why You Need To Choose A Good Topic

This is one of the types that students work with. In the case of a problem solution essay, a student has a problem and needs to find the solution. The process of finding a way out is thoroughly described in the essay. Writing essays is a nice practice for students. If we take it as a long-term perspective, essay writing gives a great professional background for future career curving.

Essay writing has so many benefits for students. This isn’t only a means of expressing thoughts and ideas. When getting prepared for the writing a student conducts research and analyzes the problem from every angle. Essay writing trains analytical skills and helps develop analytical thinking. This is what can give you a boost in your future academic career.

Essay writing is also helpful for those students who can’t organize their thoughts. To perform a well-structured essay, one needs to organize the material properly. The understanding comes with practice. The more you write in the college or university, the better you are at expressing your thoughts to the listener. This isn’t only good for getting nice points for the assignments. The essay paper has to be readable and convey the idea smoothly. It follows a particular structure to ensure a natural text flow. If you know the principles of essay writing, you can apply them to a regular lifestyle. It helps build a coherent communication with the speakers and be interesting for them, as well.

As you can see, there are lots of benefits that a writing practice can give you. Great points and nice communication skills are only some of them. Getting better at writing can change your life for the better and bring more success.

Problem And Solution Essay: What Is It?

If you know little about this essay type, we are going to shed light on the problem and explain some basic points. In a nutshell, every essay type is aimed at providing the reader with the information. Though the function of the writing is always different. When we talk about a problem and solution essay, we want the writer to express the problem and provide the reader with the solution. This isn’t the easiest essay type. You can’t restrict your writing to simple descriptions. It entails in-depth problem investigation and analysis.

The essay serves as a helper for resolving various cultural, ethical, or social issues. As a writer, you need to focus on identifying the challenges to make the reader get acquainted with them. When you’ve outlined the problem, it’s time to provide efficient ways to cope with the challenge. This is a difficult task. It needs a complex approach. Otherwise, the text can turn out to be a complete mess.

But problem and solution essays aren’t only aimed at working with social and cultural issues. You can also touch upon different nationwide topics. Essay nature can cover various aspects. It can address social challenges pertaining to divergent fields. The only thing that you, as a writer, needs to keep in mind is the persuasiveness. If you express the thought in an inconclusive manner, the reader won’t believe you.

As you can see, such essays can be quite complex for the majority of students. But if you take the right approach, nothing can stop you. When you are assigned to the Problem and Solution essay, you need to get prepared accordingly. First, learn the structure of this very essay type. Don’t know how to deal with the essay structure correctly? Read on and figure out basic rules for the correct essay writing outline.

Problem And Solution Essay Structure

Like any other essay type, this paper has a more or less regular structure. Since this is an academic essay, you will find all the basic elements pertaining to any other paper type. Nevertheless, it has common features, but it also includes divergent structure elements.

First and foremost, you need to plan the paper. Before writing the actual text, you need to think thoroughly about the paper. This way, you will avoid awkwardness by revealing the material. When you think ahead about the ideas, you can concentrate on the process easier. Choose the main problem. You can’t discuss several problems, since one essay is aimed at finding a solution to only one problem. This won’t take too much time. You will need 10-15 minutes to work on organizational tasks. But it will save you a lot of time in the future. Now, let’s talk about the exact paper structure.


This is the first paragraph that the reader receives. Here your task is to paraphrase the question. You need to put the same idea with the help of different words. This way, you can show off your wide vocabulary. Use synonyms to impress the reader even more. Then, you should tell in more detail what you are going to tell in further paragraphs. Address to the problem and tell me what will be discussed in the essay.

Main Body

This is what we call the basis of the essay. This is the most important part where you describe the issue in detail. Introduce the challenge to the reader. Try to be as specific as possible. The reader may have little understanding of the particular issue. To get the audience acquainted with the challenge, explain the problem. To make it even more comprehensive, exemplify the issue. Thus, you will support the problem. Concentrate on different examples. This could be something from your own experience or even a made-up thing. If it manages to support the problem correctly, use it. There are also various examples in journals, scientific studies, or newspapers.

Main Body: The Second Part

Here you need to focus your attention mainly on the solution to the problem. First, introduce the way out and then explain it to the reader. The final part of this section is all about the correct example. Here you should follow the same pattern as with the previous main body part. Find a relevant example that can support your words.


Inspire of it being the last part of the essay, and this is no less important part of the paper. This is the summary of what you’ve written before. Read through the whole paper one more time and point out the main ideas. This is what should be mentioned in the conclusive part. Be careful with this section. Remember that you cannot mention new details or complement the paragraph with fresh ideas.

Problem And Solution Essay Topics

When you are done with the text structure, you need to choose the topic. This isn’t the easiest choice. The whole process will directly depend on the topic of your essay. It shouldn’t be either too loose or extremely specified. You need enough space to develop the issue and elaborate on the solutions. But if it is quite extended, you can get confused with the amount of material to work with.

The topic should be understandable and to the point. In some cases, a professor indicates the exact topic for a group of students. And your task is to narrow down the choice a bit. However, it often happens that you need to make your own decision about the topic. Here we can help you. We have gathered the most appropriate topics for students. Read the list to learn what are the options for Problem and Solution essay topics.

Topics On Relationships

  1. Can we prevent bullying on social media efficiently? What are the triggers and how to eradicate them?
  2. How can we help a depressed person? Should we find a remedy on our own or suggest professional help?
  3. What if there is a manipulative person in your life?
  4. What is the best way to help a friend who takes the wrong steps and makes devastating mistakes?
  5. Tips to smoothly get out of toxic relationships.
  6. “Friendzone” concept: is it real? How can one avoid this?
  7. How to show another person an interest in mutual communication?
  8. How to deal with loneliness?
  9. Has texting influenced real communication between people today?
  10. What is the best way to tolerate the imperfections of others?

Topics On Social Problems

  1. What are effective ways to help the homeless?
  2. Why do young people drop out? How can we encourage them to be persistent with studying?
  3. Teen pregnancy has become an urgent issue. How can we fight against undesirable pregnancy at such a young age?
  4. What is the most efficient way to explain to kids why drugs are bad for them?
  5. How to prevent drunk driving?
  6. What are the measures to prevent people from dangerous driving practice?
  7. Should we prevent the divorces?
  8. How should the authorities deal with illegal migration processes?
  9. Are there any ways to cope with literacy?
  10. Human trafficking is still our reality. How can we fight against it?

Topics On Sports

  1. Do we need to encourage hard training at a young age?
  2. How can a young athlete be better with the results?
  3. What are the ways for a coach to inspire a child?
  4. How can educational institutions balance between sports, businesses, and education?
  5. How to increase attendance at sports classes in schools and colleges?
  6. How to make students enjoy sports classes?
  7. How to react if your team loses the competition?
  8. Can you avoid inquiring somehow?
  9. What remuneration should sports players receive?
  10. How to deal with parents that push their children too much in sports?

Topics On College Life And Education

  1. How can the school staff deal with bullying during the classes?
  2. What measures should be taken related to disruptive students?
  3. How to improve education programs and make talented people participate in them?4. How to cope with violence in schools? What should parents do if their child is a victim of harassment?
  4. How does the school administration know that the studying process is interactive and interesting?
  5. Do students need to use iPads or laptops during the classes? Do these devices bring help?
  6. What can a school do to contribute more to building a healthier society?
  7. How can students deal with standard education if they need a more flexible schedule?
  8. What can be done to make students feel safe during their classes?
  9. Do students need to use technology in the auditoriums?

Topics On Driving

  1. What is the best way to make people understand that texting during driving can be dangerous for all the participants on the road?
  2. What to do if there is no parking place near the campus? Who is responsible for such an inconvenience?
  3. How can students become better at driving?
  4. What changes should be applied to the driving laws?
  5. How can we prevent traffic violations?
  6. Are there any tips to encourage people to become better drivers?
  7. Why is it important to follow the rules on the road? What dangerous situations can it entail?
  8. Does a student need a car to make the studying process more comfortable?
  9. How can one find the road to a selected place?
  10. Do you need to take driving courses before buying a car?

There are many more topics for Problem and Solution essay. We have named only some of them to help you focus on basic things. You can choose some of these topics or elaborate on a new one on the basis of the list. We hope this article helped you a lot with your essay writing. The process of writing can take some time. You should be persistent in performing a well-developed structure. But with our Problem and Solution essay topics and tips, the writing will be less demanding for sure.

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